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John Stossel - What's Up With Detroit?

"Everybody's watching Detroit, not because you care about us, but you're worried you're going to be like us"


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Great Reporting

Well done John


Reporters are clueless about

Reporters are clueless about Detroit and it's bankruptcy. They only look at the symptoms and can't identify the disease that caused it.

The inflation monetary system, tax system, and NAFTA globalization killed the Detroits of America.

That's right.

If the wealth of the nation is being drained into the hands of money creators and the most inefficient form of organization known, government, then there isn't enough left for the rest of the population to prosper. Government creates poverty, and Detroit is poverty central.

Detroit is just a marker on the road to the collapse of the US. Collapse is not like a plane crash; it is more like dying of cancer, an inch at a time until our society dies.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.

In Eastern Europe where you can't count on the police...

every house of any value has huge solid steel ten foot walls around the perimeter of the grounds. Inside the fence you will find wonderful perfectly manicured lawns and well tended grounds - outside is squalor,

Every store - whether grocery store or anything at all - has large burly guys in dark coats watching your every move. These privately hired "security" people are the only alternative to police.

When hotels are taken over - its often as a "hostile takeover" that is actually hostile - with guns and shooting. A particular hotel I used to stay at in Kiev was "taken over" one day - armed men stormed the lobby and kidnapped the managers. One patron was killed in the process. That was it - one crime family had taken it from another and it was effectively under "new management" immediately.

Is this the future for Detroit and other US cities?

The hotel I mentioned was

the Hotel Slavutich, and I believe the armed takeover only happened in January 2012. And whoever took it over obviously had the blessing of the Kiev city government as it remains in the hands of the captors to this day.

One thing they didn't get however was the website. For quite a while if you Googled it, you got the old "Hotel Slavutich" reservations website, now nonfunctional with a banner across the front saying "We have been raided!"

The NEW "owners" simply changed the name slightly to "Hotel Slavutych" (properly its written in Cyrillic letters anyway so it makes no difference) and put up their OWN website - of similar style and doing the same thing.


I have heard of things like this but was not sure if they were based in fact.


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See Smudge Pot's Open Letter to Detroit

Open Letter To Detroit by Smudge Pot


If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.

Yeah that one took an unexpected turn

Basically people got in touch and said give it another look. So I started looking and kinda "saw it". 3 empty lots and one with a cape house on it. How much for all four properties? Cause that's a farm. Then I started looking at apartment buildings. A bunch of us could team up on one of those.

So there's theoretically a research team but it hasn't yet picked up steam. The discussions are all basically about "yeah but it's full of drugs and gangs". My feeling is we can deal with gangs, it's still the politicians what worry me. The gun laws are simply ludicrous and while there's zoning changes under consideration, there's no real legal provision for urban farming that I'm aware of and that goes for plants and animals.

It's a conflict in my mind but I'd consider it with the right group.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

It's not a very good letter

"we don't trust you?" What are we slaves to them? So you don't trust them, replace them with liberty patriots.

It's like a bunch a paracites waiting for someone else to come and do all the owrk.

"Here let me make you a perfect kushy place for you to bitch about, all you have to do is show uop hungry.."

Get real folks.

America isn't going to rebuild itself the way you want without your effort.

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? I think it's a great idea!

I don't know why you are saying people will just expect to 'show up as parasites' and have everything set up because he clearly states ideas on work to be done and businesses established.

The letter is an idea put forth to the readers here for anyone that wishes to elaborate and consider it. I would certainly assume as the idea fleshes out that new liberty minded residents running for various offices would certainly be an objective ..but first you would have to be there.

Why do you feel the need to slam on the Smudge Pot letter?

If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.


IMO, it assumes that the same city council would be seated as government, and I see no reason why that would be true. If liberty minded people were to go and invest, not just money, but ideas, and to establish a government, by, for an of liberty minded people.... like where I live now.. we get things done as a community.. we have an oath keeping sheriff and DA, we have laws that are seperate from the state and federal governments, hundreds of people show up to any government meeting.. the letters to the edior are pages long with opinins and ideas about political events, local, state, national na international. no one is afraid to speak up or to work and volunteer. We all don't agree, we are not all clones, we are all individuals and we stand together for our right to be individuals.

I think the letter assumes the present government would remain in power and to say, "you don't trust them?" So what? Why should you? REPLACE THEM and build a Liberty City.

I have a solution for Detroit: Are YOU Ready??

My solution for Detroit is we all move there. Who can't afford it?

Three bedroom house for $1,500.00?

We could rename it.. Liberty City, Freedom City, Ron Paul City..

I think the solution for Detroit id the rEVOLution and Liberty Movement, move to Detroit, claim SOVREIGNITY, and begin building our dream.

That is exactly what I was thinking.

It would have to be a pretty big movement though. Say 500 to 1000 liberty minded people moved in..that would be a change for the better!

the better being

we could establish a local government that WE want.

Good luck!

Buy a good life insurance policy before so investing. Chinese investors thought it was a great buy too until they took the tour. Even they were scared off. Good luck defending your little Fort Apache at night when the street lamps don't even work or when you drive off for a couple of hours.

Thank you

your post must have hit a genetic gene.. I thought I heard someone say, "Buy a musket and bring extra black powder before heading West. Russian fur traders thought it was a great buy until they got to San Francisco. Even they were scared off. Good luck defending your little wagon train at night when the hungry wolves howl and the wind blows so hard you can't keep a candle lit, or get the camp fire started."