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Ron Paul Revolution: GOP aftermaths in Iowa and Nevada

Two accounts this past week of two ongoing aftermaths of the influx of Ron Paul people into state GOPs.

First, the bad news, from Nevada's Clark County as reported in the Reno Gazette Journal:

Clark County Republicans have ousted a Ron Paul supporter in favor of a more conventional establishment leader.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported the approximately 600 voting members of the county GOP elected David McKeon as chairman Wednesday by secret ballot.

McKeon drew 319 votes.

Cindy Lake, a more libertarian politician who took over the position last year, lost with 276 votes.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal has more on the contentious background to the battle over the Nevada GOP, and some date indicated that Lake didn't do that bad a job in growing the party:

In 2012, the county GOP was shunned by state and national Republican leaders after Paul supporters took control of the local party and the Texas congressman ran for president. At the Republican National Convention, Paul backers defied the rules and voted for their man instead of Mitt Romney, who was picked to run against President Barack Obama.....

The Republican Party has a big disadvantage in Nevada compared to the Democratic Party.

Registered Democrats far outnumber Republicans in Clark County and statewide.

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the fight is still on

and this just encourages us to work harder.