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Newport Folk Festival video stream♬

For those interested in some weekend music..


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here in the southeast, we have the longest running FREE music festival in the southeast called Bele Chere. It also runs from the 26-28th. I've been there every day so far; will end it tomorrow. Festivals are very uplifting. I have a friend who spent a few years in India, primarily at Sai Baba's ashram, but she attended a lot of festivals. They believe in festivals in India. She said festivals raised the vibration of the area because people were happy and having a good time. I agree; one forgets ones problems and troubles and just has a good time. I have enjoyed myself. We need more festivals in the USA. The city of Asheville has decided not to fund this festival anymore because they don't like the "class" of people who attend. But, I heard a rumor today that Sierra Nevada Brewery, which is about to open a new brewery just south of Asheville, is interested in possibly providing the funding to keep it going. I hope so! It's fun!