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Free Food And Medicine

I'm posting because I tried this for survival purposes, and it changed my life!
If you are in a bind and don't have access to your supplements for some ridiculous reason, God Has your back and its right outside your door.

You don't need money and it's better than Mainstream Medicine. Stay humble, ride the learning curve.
Check out each of these exciting video trailers of courses you can study at home! Or Be inspired to research for yourself.

Free Food and Medicine Book -Video Trailer
Free Food and Medicine DVD Set -Video Trailer

Impossible to go hungry even without cash... -Video Trailer

Protein From plants -Video Trailer

If you don't want to spend ANY MONEY AT ALL, just do searches for edible wild plants on YouTube. The learning curve is steeper and more time consuming without reference material, but still very do-able in fact doing it that way will surprise as well. The only difference is this info is more authoritatively presented and comprehensively compact.

Disease is caused from nutrition deficiency and complicated by toxicity which also blocks nutrients from Entering into human cells ON TOP of causing negative metabolic influence.

I was shocked at how quickly this information works! It makes me ponder alone to myself.

Learn which plants detoxify and which ones build and repair along with herbs etc.

Remember, when you detoxify with herbs and plants you have the ability to detoxify from environmental toxins...

By definition a weed is a plant that you don't know the use of yet...
his DVD Sets and books are worth every Red Cent!

*Keep a log of Parks in your area
Nature Trails &
Hiking Trails*

Use field Guides and YouTube videos also

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

― Hippocrates

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