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States seek to nullify Obama efforts

Infuriated by what they see as the long arm of Washington reaching into their business, states are increasingly telling the feds: Keep out!
Bills that would negate a variety of federal laws have popped up this year in the vast majority of states - with the amount of anti-federal legislation sharply on the rise during the Obama administration, according to experts.
The “nullification” trend in recent years has largely focused on three areas: gun control; health care; and national standards for driver’s licenses. It’s touched off fierce fights within the states, and between the states and the feds, as well as raising questions and court battles about whether any of it is legal.
In at least 37 states legislation has been introduced that in some way guts federal gun regulations, according to the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence. The bills were signed into law this spring in two states, Kansas and Alaska, and in two more lawmakers hope to override a governor’s veto. Twenty states since 2010 have passed laws that either opt out of or challenge mandatory parts of Obamacare, the National Conference of State Legislatures says. And half the states have OK’d measures aimed knocking back the Real ID Act of 2005, which dictates Washington’s requirements for issuing driver’s licenses.

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An Amendment Proposal

I've been wondering how many states have played around with some kind of nullification legislation. It sounds like most of them have. This is very good news. What if a large number of states could agree on a constitutional amendment to declare the states as sovereign and as the final determiners of the constitutionality of federal activities? That, in addition to repealing the 17th Amendment, would return us to federalism and a constitutional republic. The states have to be able to check the other three branches of government. They have been refusing to check themselves for way too long.

This same old tired argument contained in this article would be annihilated with these two amendments.




I hope a majority of states do this