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Why don't people just leave Detroit?

There has been so much news coverage about the City Of Detroit's bankruptcy that I cannot figure out why it seems nobody in news or even in libertarian forums suggest the simple solution.

Why don't people just leave the City of Detroit?

How could things possibly be any worse somewhere else?

What we're looking at is a modern day ghost town. It's not like the California gold mining towns got federal bailouts or artificial help to stay alive once the gold dried up. The people just left and the area returned to rural just like Detroit should now.

Now there is a plan approved to build a new hockey arena in Detroit using over $200 million of taxpayer money. Why wouldn't they put it in the well-to-do suburbs, the basketball arena is already there. How dumb is it to keep using taxpayer money to artificially encourage people to be in Detroit?

Without artificial help the population will shrink faster but that's exactly what is needed to happen. Once population hits zero then the area can be redeveloped with a fresh start. But growth would happen on its own without taxpayer assistance.

I just can't comprehend, when you have Mexicans trying to illegally sneak into economically viable places in the US what in the world is stopping people from Detroit from migrating to them, completely legally, instantly, with no paperwork and already possessing US citizenship.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Am I missing something?

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and Circuses.

2 parts hubris, 3 parts profiteering, 11 parts corruption...

result: Ice hockey.

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

that sounds like..

a really potent drink!

Ill buy a round for everybody!!!

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul