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In the George Zimmerman trial

In the George Zimmerman trial the members of the mainstream media did everything they could to foment racial hatred. After the verdict there have been numerous cases of assaults motivated by "revenge" for Trayvon Martin's death. There is blood on the media's hands.

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Too bad I can only vote up

Too bad I can only vote up one time...

Beware the cult of "government"...


According to some reports (not MSM, of course) Trayvon was attending the Florida Sheriff's Boys Ranch located in Live Oak, Florida 8 days prior to the shooting. Live Oak is approx. 150 miles north of Sanford, Florida. Photos of him on a horse at this ranch for troubled youths were taken 8 days prior to the shooting.

However, MSM says Trayvon was "visiting" relatives in Sanford because he was suspended from school for 10 days.
How can he be visiting and at the same time, be on a horse at the ranch 150 miles to the north?

I personally believe that after "serving his time" at the ranch he was sent to relatives in Sanford because his "real" parents could not, or did not want to "deal" with him anymore.
The Florida Sheriff's Boys Ranch is not for young people who have been late for sunday school, its for habitual offenders.

+1; It appears that rewarding kids for bad behavior..

(sending them to a ranch), leads to more bad behavior. Another example of failed liberal child-rearing philosophy.

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Best analysis yet

And the Obama picture at the end is great.

Am I the only one here who believes that...

..dex-addled lean-freaks have a right to sucker-punch strangers who disrespeck them?

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