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DailyPaul Slogan - and News Fast

Has anyone noticed that the message, the purpose, the guiding principles of the DailyPaul are: PEACE, GOLD & LOVE -- and yet none of the recent topics or active forum topics are INFUSED with ANY of those sentiments?

From what I see the topics people discuss are:


Also - have you ever gone on a News Fast - where you take a complete break from ALL FORMS OF NEWS OUTLETS ? (including this one)? Try it for 3 days or 7 if you can make it. I've heard nothing changes in your life -- except maybe you're in a better mood, more often.

Worth a shot?

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I go on news fasts all the time

In fact for being 'awake' I am probably the least up to date on current events of most of my friends and family. I don't care about any of it anymore. All I care about is being happy and spending as much time as I can making the people around me happy. I want to laugh as much as possible while I am alive and I want to smile as much as possible and I want to spread as much laughter and as many smiles as possible while I am alive. Reading the negativity that pervades the internet and watching the news is not conducive to my above stated goals.

I even come here and avoid the negative stories. I stay in the realm of threads that do not depress the hell out of me and I miss half the negativity that people complain about concerning this site. I still catch some of it in comment sections of even the more benign posts, but for the most part I don't click on the crap that I know will just end up making me angry or mad.

I have also unplugged completely from cable, all news, and the internet for months on end in the past. Those are always some of my most carefree happy phases of life.

Yes, I highly recommend news fasting every now and again.

In the news:

We are going to war with Syria.

The fed is printing 85 billion a month.

4 of 5 Americans live in poverty. None of whom have a job with the police state apparatus.

Update: Fixed a typo.


We've established this already.

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