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An epic rant you will love, or love to hate! Wake up call for some.

Im not a huge fan of Sarah Palin by any means, but I keep seeing people attack her "neo-con" record. Which voting record is that? Her non existent VP or congressional voting record. Or her record as Governor of Alaska and mayor of Wasilla? What in her voting record makes her a primetime neocon, and is she more or less of a neocon than other republican governors? At best I would classify her as a social-conservative-libertarian mix, which happens to loosly align with Ron and Rand Paul. I think shes learned alot since '08 that she didnt understand before about national politics. I think that a closer look will enlighten some, atleast on her record. Yes, shes definately more hawkish on foriegn policy than we would like, which could classify her as a neocon. But being a neocon is more than just foriegn intervention, its the whole progressive/ big government mentality that permeates into economics and domestic affairs as well. Can no one change? What if we went around to everyone on this site and said "you werent born a libertarian/true conservative so therefore what you believe now is either a trick or a lie." People can change, it is within the realm of possibility. If Palin/ Beck/ Rand are lying to us to push some globalist agenda then I would say currently they are getting the short end of the stick. Their spending alot of time promoting and praising our stuff, thats a good thing! It feels like some of us are not content with a real shot at something, as if we enjoy losing and secretly hope Obama decides to take away a constitutional right tomorrow so we will have something to talk about. (Not all of us). I can be conspiratorial at times as well, but c'mon. I love how people talk about race baiting and take the bait, or how they hate GMOs as their grilling up their foster farms steak, or libertarians that do not have a clue about how free markets work, or people that care more about weed being legal than our healthcare system and this idiotic Obamacare garbage. Sarah Palin is not perfect, but does she have to be? Why do we ask everyone to be exactly like Ron Paul? Its unrealistic and phony. Arent we the group of individualism? Or do we all have to judge each other on how "ron paul" we can be. I get it, the man is my hero as well. He lit the fire now we have to do our best to pour gasoline on that fire. People should focus on their individual state legislatures and state/ local governments, if you control the states, who cares who the president is. So what if the issues arent glamorous, easily fed, sexy, and over cooked in the media, we are smarter than that, which leads me to my next point, turn off your TV you'll love it. Why are we so focused on the presidential race, IT'S 2013 FOR CHRIST SAKE! We can all but take this thing over in the mid-terms in 2014; local, state, and federal. You cant build the roof before the foundation while building a house, we all preach bottom-up government, so why not actually practice that and hammer out the not so sexy but deeply impactful local and state races. This is where the real war is, and realistically we cannot change congress untill we build a machine that can do that. Tons of liberty candidates run for office every year on a state and local level, what are we doing for them? The liberty movement cannot even bring itself to fund any race that isnt justin amash, ron paul, or rand paul. Again, cannot build the roof before the foundation. Do some of you realize a lot of these establishment politicians have been literally bred to be these people and do what they do, be where they are, and there is a deep deep bench or farm team waiting in their wings. My freshman Congressman, Democrat Derek Kilmer,was literally bred by the Democratic party for this very role starting at age 11! We just showed up to the proverbial party, without any cash, full of piss and vinegar, busy tearing down the politicos who are on our side while the neocons and the progressives laugh at our silliness. Remember liberty for all super pac? They understood this. They knew how it really needs to happen. They didnt give a cent to ron paul, they DID help win 4 or 5 big races however. In my state, it costs anywhere from 50K to 100K to be ultra competitive/win a seat in the state legislature give or take. Let's do an exercise: take Ron Pauls one day record money bomb, we'll make it an even $6 Million. Divide by $75K on average, and that is 80 seats you could win. Thats enough to clear out the Democrats and over half the republicans in my state. The best we can do is a liberty candidates website? In my district you need around 40,000 votes to win the race (legislature) and of those voting the people that read this site or any other liberty site or list of candidates already knows who they want to vote for. Regardless of what we want it to be, politics in this day in age is still and advertising game, who can saturate the market with the best ads to get undecideds and swing voters, we cant do that without money plain and simple. If we are waiting for the neocons and progressive establishment people to fund our stuff it may be a long wait because there is a snowballs chance in hell of making that happen. If this movement doesnt fund its candidates or its interests (benn swann show comes to mind) at every level, which it could easily do, we may as well pack a lunch because its going to be a long couple years of ass whoopin. Thats the end of my rant, if youve made it this far than Im truly impressed and I hope you come away with something. You can visit my website at www.traviscouture.com as always. Peace!

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Palin is a work in progress.

Palin is a work in progress. She's learning. I like her.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

Paragraphs, man.

Paragraphs, man.

she learned a lot from Ron Paul

And said so. Great post.

couture.t, good rant. First,

couture.t, good rant.

First, what do you have against paragraphs?

Second, regarding Sarah Palin, I agree that she's not all bad. In fact, there's plenty to like about her politics. I sure like her politics much more so than those of her 2008 running mate, but even there I'm sure if I looked closely enough I'd find something to like about even John McCain. I'm sure we both love our kids, for instance.

So I agree that we shouldn't completely dismiss folks with whom we find some common ground. I've been guilty of that myself, and the mistake of doing that is that we can move the noodle forward by working within coalitions with other like-minded activists on particular issues, whether it be with social conservatives on economic issues or progressives on war and privacy issues.

Third, regarding campaign funding, rather than pooling everyone's money together and having someone(s) else decide where my money will go, my preference is to pick and choose personally to which liberty candidates I will send my limited campaign donations. It seems to me that this is easily doable in this day and age. We have all the information we need at our fingertips.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein