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If this isnt foreshadowing, I don't know what is.

This is the trailer to a video game coming out soon. The beginning was cut off.

It talks about a global pandemic that started as an "exercise" on Black Friday.


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Entirely plausible

A pandemic would be a sure fire way to get a terrified public to surrender their few remaining rights.

ubisoft likes to press buttons. just play any assassin's creed

this game already has a huge following and its not even out yet. There is a petition on change.org to make a PC version LoL.

ubisoft's stories usually skim hot button issues but tangent off.

I can't wait to play it honestly.

The game is an open world game. It is what you make of it. If you want to go full tyrannical you can. If you want to imagine a liberty purpose you can. The game puts you against AI police (watch trailer) and other "gov cells". You can decided what your motives are in the game.

At the end of the day these are just games....not real life. If you allow yourself to be "conditioned" via a video game...well....you have other problems you should be worrying about.

Now if the Ubisoft was sending money to obama or other advocates against liberty, I'd say boycott the crap out of them. If someone has the inside scoop on anything like this, please share. I'll be right there with you boycotting ubisoft.


or conditioning?

heres another conditioning

im not at all against the mediam, or the game, only the fact that stupid people might call for real world instances without thinking on real world consequences.......in my mind, its ok to play, as long as you know its a game

Next gen game called watchdogs, i actually like what the gameplay, but i KNOW i dont want this kind of technology in the real world, the kind of technology that rquires the gathering and storing of information beforehand, barring self defence of a life, truthfull, reasonable and immediate

Dont get me wrong, i dont want the game banned, i just want it RECOGNISED as a game, and that what you do in game, may not be acceptable outside game

And im not for violence, i also not against it, but if someone where to have that inclinination in a part of their life, i would rather it manifest in game then real life

anyway, just to keep awareness