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36-Year Old Hacker Who Made ATMs Spit Out Cash Dies in San Francisco (Michael Hastings Death Connection?)

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They Murdered Him With One Of His Own Devices

I'd put money on it...

First a knock on the door, then are you Barnaby, then once properly ided, they murdered him right there in his own home. Of course they had to move the body to a more proper place in the house to make it look like a natural death.

"Q" Group murdered him. Of course the "Q" group doesn't exist..


People are being disappeared left and right.

Now people don't talk; they whisper instead. Fear.

What did ATM hacker Barnaby Jack really know before his untimely death?

Was his last tweet (first one in two months, only just 2 days before the report of his death) a clue in not only Michael Hasting's death, but also the growing number of car-related "disappearances"?

Is it an indication that, somehow, this whole thing is bigger than mere carjacking?

The New World Order is approaching. I only hope we can get to the truth before it is too late.

I believe in the freedom to be what we choose to be.

I know him

Barnaby was awesome. It sucks that he's gone. No one close to him finds the circumstances of his death suspicious.

It is standard practice and policy of IO Active to withhold details of vulnerabilities. While it's presented as for safety the real reason is to avoid alienating clients and potential clients. It's standard practice in the industry.

Great -1

Sorry for sharing. I'll see myself out.

if they cremate him...

without an autopsy,we can chalk it up as another planned death. So, does anyone have any ideas on who is doing the killing?