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Michael Hastings death: New video of crash emerges

A new video has emerged purporting to show the fiery crash earlier this year that killed journalist Michael Hastings.

Hastings was behind the wheel of a Mercedes that crashed on Highland Avenue near Melrose Avenue in June. The Los Angeles Police Department said there were no signs of foul play, and the L.A. County coroner continues to investigate.

Veteran Los Angeles journalist Michael Krikorian this week posted a video of the crash he said was taken from a nearby restaurant security camera. The video shows a car zipping by at a high rate of speed and then flames after the vehicle crashes.



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Obviously a flux capacitor testing failure...

1.21 Giga Watts!?!

Small flash before impact

If you look at the video frame by frame, notice where the car jumps the curb and is on the median. You will see a brief small bright flash just before the lights go out when the car hits the tree.

That small flash, is the car hitting the 3" or 4" steel irrigation riser pipe that was about 50' before the tree. I believe that pipe ruptured the fuel tank as the car traveled over it. This is the pipe some have referred to as a fire hydrant, but it is part of the median irrigation system.

After the small flash, the lights go out, indicating the tree impact, and there is a short pause before a flash and then an explosion. If the fuel tank was ruptured as I believe it was from the car passing over the broken pipe, it makes sense there would be a short delay until the fuel ignited and the resulting gasoline explosion.

Also, on the Loud Labs Video of the crash scene, check this out. Please tell me what the 3 grouped indented holes are from, just past the edge of the drivers side door near the rear quarter panel?? You can view this from the video at 2:55 to 3:14. Sure look like bullet holes to me, fired through the car body into the rear of the drivers seat. Loud Labs Video:

I see the light....

at around 14 to 16 sec. Maybe that's what broke the steering linkage and caused the car to veer to the left. He didn't loose control, that's obvious.

Here you go:

Location of the camera is at

Pizzeria Mozza. From this video you can identify the wall of the property across the street from street view on google maps. The movement of the camera can be explained by the fact it is mounted on the underside of an awning(wind?). From google maps, this video and other crash photos you can determine he hit the fourth tree past the camera.

Google earth gives a distance of 235 feet from the camera to the impact site. Reviewing the video it looks as if he covered that distance in approximately 1 - 2 seconds.

Rate x Time = Distance

X x 2sec = 235 feet

235ft/2sec = 117.50 ft/sec
117.50 x 3600 = 423000 ft/hour
423000/ 5280 feet in a mile gives and estimated speed of

80.11 MPH

At one second his speed would be 160 MPH

From the video you can see that it looks like his lights turn off just before the first sign of the impact. I suspect that is the time of the impact. Perhaps someone can download the video and determine the exact time in fractions of a second.

This video dispels the myth that his engine was found prior to impact in the direction of travel. From crash scene photos you can determine the motor was located at 602 Highland on the NE corner of Clinton Street and Highland Avenue.

I wonder if this camera picked anything up?

Good find.

That certainly is a camera on the side of that house.

I don't see how they can claim

that it burst into flames AFTER the crash from this video.

I guess I'm not alone

I don't buy

many conspiracies but I am sorry, cars DO NOT explode like that no matter HOW fast they are going...

You are right.

Cars never explode on impact. Oh wait a youtube search has many examples of cars exploding on impact.

Who said

anything about impact? It burst into flames before impact.

The Abuse of Greatness is when it disjoins remorse from power. - Shakespeare

at the 16 second mark, I see I bright flash

What do you make of that?

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Right before the enormous explosion

There is a flash of light followed by some anomaly like something either fell out of the car or became illuminated after the car drove by. Whatever it is is lit up on the medium (to the left of where the car drove by) for a quick moment, with motion, before the blast which washes it from visibility.

I apologize ahead of time

It's called a "median" not a "medium"

And a creepy frame grab

this camera is probably the camera in front of the overpriced pizza joint known as Mozza.


Creepy vid

Who made this? Why were they filming that exact spot so early in the AM? This is not a stationary camera, you can see the movement...

the person was recording the

the person was recording the already recorded incident.

Duh. My bad.

Thanks for clarifying.

Agreed. You can see the

Agreed. You can see the bezel of the monitor.