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Ex-CIA officer speaks out on Extraordinary Rendition

Ex CIA officer speaking out on the Renditions for torture conducted by the USA. Interesting details on the CIA conducted kidnapping in Italy, and the scapegoating and butt-covering that followed.

Calling the operation unjustified and illegal, De Sousa said Italy and the United States cooperated in "scape-goating a bunch of people . . . while the ones who approved this stupid rendition are all free."

The Senate and House intelligence committees enabled the cover-up, De Sousa added, by failing to treat her as a whistleblower after she told them of the lack of prosecutable evidence against Nasr and what she called her own mistreatment by the CIA that compelled her to resign in 2009.

"Despite that, no one's been held accountable," she said.

De Sousa, 57, a naturalized U.S. citizen from India's state of Goa, was one of 23 Americans convicted in absentia in 2009 by a Milan court for Nasr's abduction. She received a five-year sentence. An appeals court in 2011 added two more years, and Italy's Supreme Court upheld the sentence. Nineteen of the Americans, De Sousa said, "don't exist," because they were aliases used by the CIA snatch team.

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