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Government Promises To Stop Lying Because Of Drudge Report Spotlight - VIDEO

Government Promises To Stop Lying Because Of Drudge Report Spotlight - VIDEO


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So when

are we going to see, an open audit of the pentagon?

Why Attack Me? I'm A Great Libertarian and Lover Of Liberty

Go ahead attack me...It will just come back on you..

Be nice, be gentle, be real, be the man that God wants you to be..

Fight for liberty..


but when will emalvini stop lying?

Again I [mildly] enjoy the basic content what of you posted.
Again your headline spin doesn't match your body of content.
In this case you are actually beyond spin and simply lying.
This was simply an in house PR seminar, NO promises were made, and the only reference to Drudge was, "When bad things happen the American people should hear it from us, not as a scoop on the Drudge Report." He wasn't even speaking about honesty or accuracy there. Although he did make many references instructing his subordinates and peers to be honest and accurate, in that particular segment he was speaking of timing and expedience.

I'm Auditioning For A Liberal Media Job


emalvini OUT!

and Goldmember777 had you pegged for a FOX job

must've not passed the audition there, huh

so you moved on to a slightly different slant, more of an MSNBC thang

email your headline to Lawrence O'Donnell, he'll love it and recommend you

good luck! :D

p.s. you're commendably quick to save face ;)
you post a lot of interesting stuff, thanks

No One can Save My Face...:)

I'm the prosecuting attorney against the lie...:)

Until the next lie...Take care


But John (in a whining voice)

The American People DEMAND a benevolent dictator to take care of them and keep them safe from all harm.

Seriously I think the Q&A part was the best, where the 'troops', that probably know about Seal Team 6 (oh my), are no longer looking as much to advancement as much as they are to getting the hell out.

His answers were telling as well.

The Gig is Up!

You Got My Back?

I can take care of myself..Criticism makes me a stronger person..


What do you think?

Anyone else

think the government promising not to lie is a lie?

meekandmild's picture

and I've got ocean front property to sell you

in Arizona.

I was just about to offer a bridge

in Brooklyn for sale. LOL

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Unless they have a Monopoly, beaurocracies Fail.

The girl at 27:35 states she doesn't think the American Public trusts them. LOL

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