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Pastor Dowell - Contemplations on Obama's administrations sending out threats of arrest to governors of states



im not particularly religious, but i cant fault many things that go through Pastor Dowels mind

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Interesting discussion - spoke some truths.
Is there any proof to the arrest threats of 14 governors? This has been around for several years now...

No proof

Apparently it's all a hoax.

"Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos!"- Homer Simpson

ah, sorry, no i dont,

ah, sorry, no i dont, thankyou for reminding me of the murmurs of authenticity of these claims, i can not in good conciese claim the facts to be true, but the thought process to the possibility should still apply.......talking about the possibilities should be as important as talking on things that are known, i just think the pastor had a very good train of thought moment here, thought it would be worth sharing for that alone, the "threat letters" was more secondary, precisely for the reason of its authenticity

maybe someone more up to date can give us a sumary, assuming there is more detail on the story