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New Movies Have No Creativity, Are These Films Getting More Cheesy, Stupid and Pathetic to Watch?

Last night I watched a movie on the Syfy channel called “Sharknado”. It was so pathetic to watch. It was cheesy I cannot believe I wasted two hours on a Saturday night watching this movie. I mean I can tell it might be another psy-op movie telling us first Global warming will bring hurricanes to Los Angelas with sharks flying out of high waves on dry land eating people. Great white sharks are swimming in drainage ditches and sewer pipes flying out of manhole covers eating people because the streets are flooding because of the heavy rains.

Now because of Global Warming, a hurricane will now reach LA is being said by the newscaster on TV. Water Spouts will form as F-1 in the Pacific Ocean being a F-5 tornado with sharks inside the tornado flying out eating people on the streets of Los Angelas. The movie was a low budget form of the “The Day after Tomorrow” I mean the writers were stuck on stupid. It was a complete waste of money to produce.

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Go independent

Two guys invent a time machine in a new way.

I don't believe in time travel but this movie is excellent.

"The History of Future Folk"
Alien came to conquer earth but then heard music for the first time.

I don't believe in aliens but this movie is moving.

Guy can't sleep and learns to stop time.

A little dirty but funny, original and a feel good ending.

May I suggest this Movie for Halloween

I normally don't have sympathy for murderers but I did in this case...


Pretty much all made-for-TV

Pretty much all made-for-TV movies suck. Production costs are low and actors are pretty unknown. Off the top of my head, the only made-for-TV movies I've seen that have been excellent are Supervolcano, Night of the Twisters, and an adaptation of Moby-Dick with Patrick Stewart as Ahab. The Moby-Dick movie was pretty big-name, though.

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Read a BOOK

Television is ONE BIG ASS commercial for Central Planners.

"Stop watching the Idiot Box!" as my old man used to say.

you got that right!

"Television is ONE BIG ASS commercial for Central Planners."

Especially the local nightly 'news'. Local newspapers, too. How could anyone not see it, it is so blatant.

Let's See Another Non-PC Movie

Woops! Got a little laggy. Sorry everyone.

Let's See Another Non-PC Movie

Does anyone ever remember watching Blazing Saddles? I would love to see this movie come out again in this generation.

Look, since I'm sort of a nice guy

I'm going to pretend you didn't just say what you did and leave it at that.


Why did you pick this movie as an example? There are tons of other movies released in theaters that are actually trying to be serious that are terrible.

It is intentionally cheesy. That is the point. Its supposed to be funny and not take itself too seriously.

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Piracy of movies has destroyed the studios' willingness to take risks on more creative material, because their revenues have shrunk. It used to be the studios used the hits to pay for the niche films and new talent--to take risks. A hit would then run for weeks and weeks. Now they have to get to DVD ASAP to beat the pirates.

Meantime, the digital equipment that spawned the non-studio movie industry does not guarantee they know how to tell stories. Just as in Hollywood, people seem to think that because they watch TV and movies, and graduated elementary school, they know how to write TV and movies. Sometimes these even get made by studios or production companies, because if you have enough clout, you can get them made despite the obvious flaws.

Writing scripts is much more difficult than almost any other kind of writing.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Piracy started because stuff

Piracy started because stuff was just too expensive to buy. No one wanted to pay $15 for a CD that only had one song they liked. Piracy costs money, too. To actually not get caught you actually need to pay money for private services that wind up not exposing you to studios taking part in file sharing just to collect IP addresses to bust people. It costs money to burn stuff or store it on hard drives. They responded by offering stuff streamed, and people seem to not care about DRM anymore because devices and the services have become monopolized. People would rather stream a movie than ["illegally"] download it now.

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I think you're just not

I think you're just not seeing the deeper artistic currents and social criticism in this film.


I have been enjoying watching movies made in the Mid East. Not only are they educational about the area, customs, life situations, government, but many have really good stories I think about for days.

Some of them, I have passed over, and then when I did watch it, was really happy I did.

I just watched one from Pakistan, and it had 911 was an inside job theme, talked about America, what they think about America (people are stupid, greedy, fat, unhappy, and American politicians have to be corrupt to win an election). I had no idea guns are such a huge business.. people get up, go to work, shoot off their guns, almost as if, it's a message that the shop is open.. and I had no idea they were into hashish, or how they lived, or how different types of Muslim faiths plays into it.. some of the muezzin have outstanding voices, and they are like rock stars.

Kurdistan is WOW! Palestinian movies are great because they show you how messed up the Palestinian Authority is. It will make you mad. Think we have problems? Watch some movies from the Mid-East.

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post them vid's

inquiring minds to know :)
and smile..it makes the meds go down easier...wait,sugar does that
my bad....same out come

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

This link has a decent list


Last night I watched, "Son of a Lion", set in Pakistan.
I recommend it.

Wasn't 'Sharknado' intentionally over-the-top?

It was supposed to be silly. Were you expecting a documentary?

Also, it's ok to turn a movie off in the middle. Who is more dumb - the person who enjoys a bad film or the person who keeps watching a movie they don't like because they have to see what happens?

The same goes for books, btw.

Pandacentricism will be our downfall.


It was supposed to resurrect Ian Ziering's career. Can't remember the last time I've seen him since his 90210 days.

Most movies are just propaganda...

Try a foreign film like "Chile Puede" (2008)... Any DP-er should like this funny film. So, maybe it's foreign propaganda, but interesting perspective. The version I watched even had multiple scenes "blacked- out"... Anyone else see this film with "blacked-out" scenes?

There are some decent movies,

some garbage, but pointing to Sharknado as an example of the fall of the movie industry is like pointing to bubble gum cigarettes as a sign of the end of the Cuban cigar.

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Sharknado II to be out 2014

In case you missed the news:


The onus of picking good movies to watch is on the consumer too, not just the movie industry.

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This is absurd

A couple bad sci fis mean there is no creativity in the movie industry? Ridiculous. We are in a Golden age of entertainment especially if you count television, which is easily having more amazing and well written shows than ever before (but be sure to use Netflix or something... Unless you want to spend an extra 22 minutes out of every hour being brainwashed)

Movies are better in almost every measurable way, on average. Most old movies are even more terrible, more cheesy, and disastrously poorly written. Honestly if anything I think it is an overabundamce of quality diluting the feeling. Nostalgia always has people thinking older, clearly inferior things are somehow better. But the writers have more experience to draw from, more inspiration to access, and certainly more money and time to spend on projects than ever before.

I was just waiting for someone on DP to bring up "Shaknado"...


While I agree there aren't a whole lot of good movies being made, "Sharknado" is not exactly the setting the bar for future blockbusters.

What about "Mega-Shark", or "Mega-Shark vs. Super-Croc" or whatever the heck those were called?

Sci-Fi channel has always played those B movies that fail to make the theatres or dvd. I never watch that stuff. I don't think many do.

"Sabretooth" was another like that. AMC even plays that real late sometimes.

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I just watched the film "Coffee Town" (2013)...

I found it creative, unique, intelligent and hilarious. It is website College Humor's 1st feature. It is available on Thepiratebay.se or Amazon instant.It stars Glenn Howerton (Sunny in Philadelphia),Ben Schwartz(House of Lies,Parks & Rec),Steve Little (Eastbound& Down)and is written& directed by Brad Copeland ( Arrested Development, My Name is Earl). I highly recommend this film .

Aaron Russo, Nikola Tesla, Ron Paul, I'm jus' sayin'


Sounds right up my alley. Love Arrested Development. Love a couple dozen ...Sunny... episodes (a lot of them are just retarded, though) and Dennis is the funniest character on there, in my opinion.

*thumb up*

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Yes,Sunny was great in the beginning when the cast did the

writing. I love the episode when they parodied the film Invincible. I like Glenn Howerton too but "Charlie" is my favorite character. Unfortunately with any "shock" based entertainment is the shock wears off and you must evolve. I can't think of any show outside of South Park that has avoided this fate.

Aaron Russo, Nikola Tesla, Ron Paul, I'm jus' sayin'

I think the best films...

...of the last 20-30 years are much better than the best movies of the 40-60 years prior, but I agree that the ratio of bad/good is much higher now than at any other time.

Realism wasn't acceptable in the old days. People curse when angry; people screw; when we're injured we often bleed profusely, our limbs often come off, and our bones often protrude; black and white characters don't exist, we're ALL gray. Some mostly good, some mostly bad, but all of us are capable and guilty of both to one degree or another. The good guys don't always win. In fact, good people more often than not fall prey to bad people.

So, yeah ... I think the best 100 movies of the last 30 years are much much better than the best 100 movies prior. But the 100 worst movies of all time have been released in the last year. lol

Just my opinion, of course.

Work for pay, pay for freedom
Fuck 'em all, we don't need 'em

The root meaning of obscene is off scene.

There is plenty that needs to be kept off scene. A lot of "realism" should be left to the imagination. Our culture has sunk into base behavior and movies reflect that. That is not something to be proud of.

A proper story follows the story of the world--in the beginning the world was perfect, and then sin and problems entered, but in the end good and the good guys win. A proper story follows the pattern of the story that Almighty God tells in His word, the Holy Bible--evil happens, but in the end it is, or will be, vanquished. Tolkein's LOTR is a good example of this. So is Slumdog Millionaire, although the blinding of the children ought to have been left off scene. In Slumdog, Jamal is very much a Christ figure and Latika the unfaithful Church. Jamal's love conquers in the end when Latika is rescued from her infidelities, redeemed, and marries Jamal. LOTR and Slumdog are examples of realism, if you want to talk about realism.

You're just noticing that now?

Sorry, I don't mean to be condescending. It is those horrible films that have ticked me off for quite a few years, not you, realman2020. Give me an old classic film from the 30s and 40s any day, in whatever genre.

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All of the syfy original

All of the syfy original movies suck. There are no exceptions to this. I have to believe they make them suck on purpose. There have been a couple good ideas for story lines among them, but then they take them and make a terrible movie from it. I dont know who in the world idea it was to spend so little on making these movies, but if they put even half the effort into making their movies as they do when making their mini-series, all of them would be kick-ass.

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You do realize...

that movie was made with the intention of being awful, right? All that buzz surrounding that movie, on Twitter specifically, was based solely on how awful it would be. Nobody had the intention of watching the movie to enjoy it for what it was. They watched the movie to laugh at it. In order to understand why this was intentional you would have to understand the motivation behind the studio behind its creation. The Asylum, as they're called, is infamous to movie fans as being the company that makes shameless, blatantly obvious, and super low budget ripoffs of big Hollywood blockbusters. This allowed them to get by over the years, but one day they started working with the SyFy channel to produce made for TV movies for them. The first couple were absolutely terrible, but they started becoming more popular. They discovered that there was a market for people who watch bad movies for the "so bad it's good" factor. Since then they've made increasingly bizarre and absurd movies, like Sharktopus and Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus, culminating with Sharknado, a movie so over the top insane the targeted market could not ignore it. This runs in the same bane as other classic "so bad they're good" movies like The Room and Plan 9 from Outer Space. Unless you catch these movies on TV unintentionally, anyone that watches does so solely for the luls, so to speak. In short, you'd have to be a chump to take this movie seriously.