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Operation Primary Rep. Peter King

Who lives in this District? Someone has to Primary Peter King, who can it be?

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Wont happen

I live in his district. It used to be Steve Israel's district until last year when they redistricted Long Island. Primaries, especially "R" yield little voters... Which you would think would have a better shot at beating him, but they will get ZERO press unless they are a local hotshot (read: a Trump or similiar). Long Island is very Democrat.
The only possibility of beating King is with a Democrat in general election. HIs district is a "cross section" of America... White neighborhoods, spanish neighborhoods, black neighborhoods some upper middle class, some lower middle, some poverty level minority neighborhoods. You want to beat king ? Get a Democrat in the district with a spanish last name. They will win!

What's the Democratic Primary look like?

What's the Democratic Primary look like?

Somebody, please...!

Just when you think he couldn't be possibly more of a necon fascist
he manages to outdo himself with something even worse.

In the new movie 2016, the role of Rudy Guliani will be played..

....by Rep Peter King! Peter King is best known for his saying, "The boogieman's gonna gitcha!"

Instead of getting a primary

Instead of getting a primary challenger, you could try some online advocacy to expose Peter King's IRA connection.

Won't do any good.

If I am right, Peter King's district is primarily Irish, exposing his IRA connection would probably all but insure his re-election, and this assumes that most of them don't already know.

While I don't support the IRA because they want to turn Northern Ireland into a satellite state of the Vatican, I am myself mostly of Irish ancestry and have some sympathy towards their cause given how horribly the Britons treated them. It is my hope that if the Solemn League and Covenant can't be renewed between the members of the U.K. that Scotland and Northern Ireland should both secede and create a separate union, and given England's horridly depraved state of affairs, the latter outcome would be the more likely one.

Be all of this as it may, Peter King is a blood-thirsty charlatan and should definitely be ousted in the next primary. If there is a decent Irish Catholic who is willing to take a more level-headed approach to foreign policy and civil liberties, we should throw our support behind him/her.

“My attitude toward progress has passed from antagonism to boredom. I have long ceased to argue with people who prefer Thursday to Wednesday because it is Thursday.” - G.K. Chesterton