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Maybe the Best Ted Talk ever!

The cat is outta the bag now for sure... hang on for the ride!



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Bitcoin is the sharpest weapon we have in the fight for Liberty

Bitcoin has really made me think about what money is and why it has value. I'd say 95% of Golds value comes from it's monetary properties. Well Bitcoin has all those properties plus others like infinitely divisable and transferable to not only any place on earth but literally the world. If we built a colony on mars I'd be able to transfer money to it using Bitcoin as a currency. It's really a revolutionary Idea.

I understand that it's not physical but honestly in todays digital world it doesnt matter. As long as the Block chain is stored somewhere as soon as electricity or internet came back online nothing would change. Plus you can make offline transactions and have them go through when internet is back on line. Plus Bitcoin can be stored in physical for too. All you need to do is right the private key to your wallet on a paper and it is now as good as cash with the amount in the wallet easily verifiable.

In a doomsday crises scenerio I suspect not even Gold and Silver wil have value. We would go back to a barter economy based on survival and no one is gonna survive on eating gold and silver. I've personally traded in all my Silver for Bitcoin and It's seriously really nice to hold an asset that isn't being manipulated.

Using Bitcoins is literally being part of a revolution in the simplest of ways. It's agorism made easy.

First I want to make clear

First I want to make clear that I think BC has it's uses. If I could pay my bills with it I would use it instead of FRN's. Soon I hope.

BC as a store of value? Can you imagine having all your liquid assets in BC? It is not something you can hold in your hand, it really doesn't exist and could easily disappear without a trace.

Turn off emotions, I'm just warning you, use something tangible as a store of value, PM's, property, something that exists and you have in your possession. I own a machine shop and I will trade work for certain metals that I use. I can take these bars of metal and make something useful out of them.

BC reminds me of Zeitgeist, trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the idealistic with it's computer communism. Just be careful, use it as a replacement for paper but remember to have something of value in your possession.

You're absolutely

right. I've been around Bitcoin a long time and people will tell you it is NOT something you should put more than you can afford to lose into. For a true store of value use precious metals. However, Bitcoin does have some properties PMs don't have, and for those people are welcome to take full advantage. Bitcoin doesn't compete with PMs, it compliments them. Use PMs for what they are best at (storing value) and bitcoins for what they are best at (transferring value).

Real is Real

Real is what people say it is... that being said I think it make an excellent "atm" type account... just transfer what you need into it for transactions and store you wealth any other way you want... or consider it a highly speculative currency...

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