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Only God should be feared.

When we think about what we should fear, it is only God that comes to my mind. He is by all accounts the only one that can destroy both our body and condemn our soul to a endless time away from his presence. His grace has sustained our forefathers and his power has given us the strength to resist evil.

Now we are set upon once again by another despot who believes he has the authority to kill us and get away with it. No one with an IQ over room temperature is not now aware that America has gone rogue. She is like a speeding train rolling down the mountain side with no engineer guiding her. Only God almighty can save this lost Country.

But be of good cheer, because we are living in exciting times. It will be what we do or don't do for that matter which will be written about in the history books. In the not to distant future, we will be known by our works, not our words. Only the fool will miss out on this opportunity to make a difference in history. We are by no means the first to face these challenges nor will be be the last, but for the first time in our life we, those of us who are awaken realize how important each and every one of us are.

I for one hope that I am up to do my part. Our neighbors are waking up by the minute and our leaders which we have elected are realizing that they are not fooling the general public any more. They have put into place a system of government that will shield them from those who they were elected to represent. As it has always happened, devils have reached for the levers of power to control their fellow man, but why should we fear these demons when we have God on our side.

Now some of you may be an atheist or a Deist and that of course is your choice but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord and trust in him. "But we will also resist evil with every breath in our body." We will look on high to Him who gives us life and restores our soul. This is once again another time in history where evil will not prevail and good will rise up to save our most precious Country.

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If there were no GOD, man would have to create one.



Fear = respect

One of the older meanings of fear is respect or reverence. Generally in the Bible, when the fear of God is mentioned, it is referring to this respect or reverence for God, not "being afraid" of God. Luther used the phrase "we should fear and love God" many times in his writings, and he was saying we should respect and love God (above all things). God hates sin, not the sinner. Because of my faith in God and his plan of salvation, I have no reason to be afraid of God. But should I lose my faith and turn on God, I will suffer the consequences of sin, eternal death.

Please, don't bother to argue this with me because you won't change my mind. Besides, I'm not particularly fond of religious discourse on a political website. It is what it is. God's plan of salvation is offered to all, free of charge. You have the free will to take it or leave it. I'm not going to force it on you.


I John 4:18

'There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves punishment, and the one who fears is not perfected in love.'

Because God is Love, as He draws people to Him, such fears will be dissolved -- but not the reverence, which is a different kind of 'fear', as you said.

It would be a whole long discussion which you probably wouldn't want to have here, but I am more optimistic about even those who will face the second death. I believe God's Love is bigger even than that and will never give up until every lost sheep is found. Even if the sentence is eternal (debatable about what the Greek 'aionion' means there), He who holds the keys to hell would yet have the authority to commute such sentence. Otherwise sin and evil is merely swept under the rug and contained, not really dealt with, for most of Creation. I can't see a loving God just throwing up His hands and saying 'oh well' at that point.

The presence of God will be a fearsome thing for those who have tried their best to put up barriers between Him and themselves. Our God is 'a consuming fire.' But when the Truth is revealed, and a prodigal cries out with longing to be restored to Love and grows to hate that which has led them away from Light and Love, I believe they will then see that the purifying 'fire' of justice (however that will be made manifest to each individual) is actually healing mercy which refuses to abandon them until they are restored and reconciled. I don't believe in punishment just for the sake of punishment -- restorative justice, not just retributive.

With that view, I don't embrace the Gospel so much out of fear of hell, as out of a desire not to grieve the heart of the Good Shepherd, Whose Love for us is undying and unquenchable.

You don't have free will.

Prove it.

The Granger said:

"It's more like, as a believer, which I am, ... miracles happen. Had one just last night, and to top it off, this magnet appears, "Miracles Happen". I was like "Wow!" THANK YOU GOD!"

This is what i have a big problem with...Why would God spend precious time out of his BUSY, BUSY schedule to send a butterfly to land on someone's nose? Or to help The Granger find a magnet?

If "God" was sending these little "miracles" at me I'd be like "Whoa, God. Priorities bro, why don't you put that effort into something more useful? Like, I don't know, feeding some starving kids in Africa or stopping apartheid? Preventing WW3?" But no. He spends "his" time performing little "miracles" for The Granger

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James Madison

God should be feared? God

God should be feared?

God should be fired.

All the answers for this earth are in knowing the orion nebula.

All the truths of christianity are borrowed from ancient times, far out dating what you think was only written 2 to 6 thousand years ago.

Christianity as you and most on here know it, is meant for one thing only. Control. Alright, two things. Add money to that.

The one and only one way to ever know the truth is to go across cultures. From the oldest times possible. And guess where they all point to? Orion. Even the bible is full of astrology. You just don't know it yet.

I respect my Creator but I fear no man made god. You fear a man made god. You just don't know it yet.

Fear who, what??

Which one do I fear Yahveh, Allah, Shiva, Xabalanque, Quetzaecoatl, Anu, Yeshua a messiah, Yhi, Brahman, Anataboga, Tekkeitsertok, Wendego, Apotemkin, Loki, Abellio, Jupiter, Bunyip, Ogmios, Abassi, Abzu, or anyone of the 2870 official supernatural somethings recorded around the world as deities?

I'm confused and do not know which one to listen to, and as I sit here and ponder this dread I am supposed to feel I decided to not bother.

Why bother with waiting for a directive from some invisible being residing somewhere in the sky to communicate with me by what, mental telepathy? Why should I wait for this communication to happen as this ethereal something has no substance and is invisible so it cannot speak to me, nor can it have a brain with which to telecommunicate with me. I'd rather watch a good documentary, drama, or comedy on TV.
There's more substance.

It only takes one to KEEP AMERICANS FREE. Know your duties & rights as a juror. Stop the unconstitutional conviction of innocents in federal custody. The Fully Informed Jury CALL 1-800-TEL-JURY www.fija.org IMMEDIATELY if not sooner. It's that important.

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Fear Loki. Keep it simple dude. Badass can give Thor a run for his money.

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I prefer to love God and to fear (some) men.

I prefer to love God rather than to fear Him.

On the other hand, I certainly fear the hidden agendas of men who either want to destroy God by making illegal the positive idea I can have of Him, and/or, also usually soon thereafter, to replace Him by making themselves the new organizers of Humanity and Nature.

Or also, men who claim to speak on his behalf, too; another gross trick similar to the former.

Either way, "because all of the above know better", of course.

I don't fear men who have nothing to say about Him when they don't have faith otherwise.

Sure, YMMV.


"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Fear? What is there to be afraid of?

Death is what people fear, not God. Why in the world does anybody need to fear God? The only reason people believe that they will be punished by God in the afterlife is because they were told to believe it. We are supposed to be afraid? That sounds so silly to me. So many people refer to God as "He." God is not a man. God is presumed to be understood by men. The fact that so many personify God with human qualities is an indication of their lack of knowledge about the spiritual nature of being alive. God is so complex that any attempt to say one completely understands is full of it. Just full of it! It is beyond our complete understanding, although this doesn't stop authority figures and institutions from demanding they have a true understanding of it. We should humble ourselves.

Everybody, including you, is going to die someday. That is what people fear. We are going to die. We don't fear God, we fear death!

"There is only one God and his name is Death. And there is only one thing we say to Death...

Not today!"

I don't like the thought to

I don't like the thought to live in fear of your deity but I am not one to say you can't do so if its your wish. My believes are very similar to Taoism, I see our lives as a journey.

The journey of our lives are very varying some long and always changing others short and one way. On our path we will encounter others walking similar and different paths, hinders, diversion and stops, we will all make choices that affects it. But one thing is true for all journeys it has a start and an end.

Some paths are chosen by the one who travels it some paths are just followed, others are laid by other travellers to make their own path easier and then there are those who help others by removing their bumps and hinders.

You should not need to live in fear, everyone reaches the end of his or her path at some point. What happens after we don't know for sure, but living in a constant fear hinders your path. It's better to take a path that gets you to where you want to be even if it shortens your journey than to walk a long path that gets you nowhere.

Some say Good and Evil, right and wrong, I say travel your path as you want to travel it. Always focus on what's ahead until you reach the end and do not dwell on the past other than to learn from mistakes made.

When you reach the end it is the memories of the journey you took that will be your greatest treasure, not your money in the bank nor the number of possessions you've managed to accumulate. Thus be happy on you journey, make others happy and you will be happy too. A simple smile is often all it takes.

I Fear This Guy

"The fear of Yahweh is the beginning of wisdom"

Good post but I would like to critique some points.

God does not destroy the body and condemn the "soul" to an endless time away from him or an eternal existence in a burning hell, He destroys them both. Mat_10:28 says: "And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell."

You say that only "God Almighty" can save this country" and you are right but He is not interested in saving this country because this country, from the majority of it's citizens to the highest government office, is at enmity to Him. Without repentance there is no salvation.

I wouldn't be to worried about history books since they will all be destroyed in the end. The only book we should be interested in is the Book of Life. We should endeavor to righteousness so that our names will be written within.

You say we are not the first to face these challenges and we wont be the last. I hope and pray that you are wrong. I pray that His kingdom will come and put an end to mans wayward rule over other men and the righteous will live in His Kingdom forever.

God is only on our side if we obey Him. We may resist evil but God is the authority over what constitutes evil and some evil is easily identified but rejection of His law is the most damning evil. As much as we hate the obvious evil that surrounds us which we identify by our physical discomfort it is spiritual evil within that we must repent of and seek lawfulness in order to find favor in His eyes.

Lastly and again. This country is not precious in God's eye because it is not lawful and never has been Scripturally. This country is no more special than Russia or Italy or any other country no matter how much "man" tries to convince himself it is. God is not in the nation building business any more and we will all be judged individually regardless of national affiliation.

True believers should not be worried about propping up what ever country they live in. It is His Kingdom that we should desire and if that is not the desire of our heart then our desire is misplaced.


"Only God almighty can save this lost Country." ???

That is the ultimate cop out. So, unless you can get yourself to believe certain inherently improbable propositions, you must abandon all hope. Its learned helplessness. The exact opposite of individual responsibility.

You can sit back and do nothing but have "faith" that "God" will save this country. All the while it will be the duty of those of us who have evolved beyond the need for an invisible playmate in the sky to actually do something to effect change.

I am reminded by a book that

I am reminded of a book that I read many years ago which said we perceive.5 things in life, seeing, smelling, tasting, hearing, feeling. This is why most atheist do not believe in God, because they say, "you can't see Him, you can't touch Him, you can't hear Him and you can't taste Him, and you can't smell Him, it is their right, and no one has a right to judge an atheist except God almighty.

But most Christians live in a world that not only do they perceive these five things but are also conscious of things. These things that we're conscious of are love, joy, happiness, being content, feeling sorrowful,and feeling anger. Even though none of these things can be perceived, they still exist as objects in our life. So too is God felt in a Christian's life. He can't touch God with his hand, nor can he see His face when he wakes up, or hear His voice when he goes out of his house nor smell His fragrance when he sits down, but he is conscious of Him just like he is conscious of gravity. He doesn't see the force pull down the object but he is conscious of it.

You have chosen to believe that it will be you and your actions that will turn the tide. But remember this, we are all but specs of sand on the seashore and without the help of "Almighty God," our battle will be lost. I never one time in my letter above said that I planned on sitting on my hands and do nothing. Christians have fought for freedom for this Country and it was Christians who were the ones that gave us a Constitution, not atheist. Name one atheist who ever held the levers of power that led a nation that you would want to live under. I think you would be hard pressed to find one. Even Thomas Paine, who became a Deist after many pastors in churches across this land refused to revolt against King George still believed in God. He never became so naive as to think that man came from a spec of bacteria, and from there evolved into some sort of simian which allowed him one day to climb down out of a tree and become Tarzan.

Because the belief that man came from an ape is as silly as believing that Tarzan was raised by an Ape. The educated man will always go with a world which was developed by law, order and design, and no right thinking man would ever believe that our planets just happened to fall just far enough away from the sun to sustain life and the rotation of our planet is in such a way that it promotes life and sustains it with its seasons. Or having a moon just far enough away from the earth to bring our tides in and out. And I could give you countless reasons of why it is much more probable there is a God but in your heart, you have chosen to be your own God but it is my belief that a man who has God on his side will always be more dangerous to evil than a man who believes that morality is neither Holy nor virtuous. Well if God does not exist, then why do you take the pains of living a good life? What makes you want to continue to do good? What drives you to do good? Is it because you're a good man, or is it because something was put into you by your creator which makes you yearn to be good.

Men with the ability to think, realize that the probability of there not being a God is far less than the probability that there is a God. There are only so many times you can roll seven before you realize that the dice are either loaded or someone else is making the dice hit seven. One need only to study, "Discrete Probability Distributions," to realize that you have a better chance of rolling seven on an unloaded set of dice ten thousand times in a row, than God not existing. He made this World and all that is in it, "to believe anything else is just plain foolish."

I believe "insane" is that

I believe "insane" is that missing 6th sense you're looking for.

Jesus kicks ass

If I believed in gods I would be terrified. They are usually the unliving embodiment of every base impulse in the human heart.

I tire easily these days, particularly when I hear theists clucking about gods' blessings that THEY managed to survive some horrific disaster, as if god chose THEM over thousands of other innocents. When they start blaming oh mighty allah for all the banes of the world in addition to the boons, I will try to take them a little more seriously.

dynamite anthrax supreme court white house tea party jihad
West of 89
a novel of another america

That's Right

Gob Bless You Brother!

Never understood...

Never understood why he should be feared. I thought the message is one of love & understanding, goodwill, etc...

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo

I'll tell you why

The message is love, mercy, forgiveness, peace. To fear God, is to fear losing love, mercy, forgiveness and peace


Fear of the loss of something great - is that it?

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo


It's more like, as a believer, which I am, ... miracles happen. Had one just last night, and to top it off, this magnet appears, "Miracles Happen". I was like "Wow!" THANK YOU GOD!

So, when one has found a path (God’s will- Be NOT afraid) where life is wonderful, as my life is wonderful, good, wholesome. I have so many blessings to count, the things that are not so nice that happen, when friends turn against you, it doesn't hurt. Where in the past, I would have been devastated, cried, moped, given my soul to be in their good graces, to feel THEIR love, to be needed by them, and to do for them, just so they would approve of me. I would have every excuse to serve them, above myself. I would fear them hurting my love for them.

So when GOD becomes that ONE, that significant other, and you have a real relationship, serendipity, miracles, wonderful things happening, and when you feel not so good about, "the world", instead of being upset and angry, or twisted, a clam serenity, I don't know how to put it into words. But it's like I KNOW; everything is going to be OK.

So my "fear of God", is to act in such a way, to lose hope, trust, faith, that this wonderful life would end, and I would be miserable, no matter how much money. For I have been happy living with nothing. It's KNOWING I'm going to be OK. Fearing God is to have doubt, harbor and act on hate, vengefulness, spite, and not giving a damn about God, myself, my life or anyone else.

Only if you were lucky enough

Only if you were lucky enough to pick the right religeon pal. The rest of you poor bastards are going to learn the meaning of fear in a trillion year barbeque where YOU and everyone you love is on the menu!

Should have been a Jewmormonistian Witness. I keep telling you people. The Supreme Master of the Multiverse has been trying to tell you since the day you were born out of sheer boundless love, but in your evil, you purposfully block HIM out because you want to throw yourself into Hell. I really pity all you poor suckers and will pray for you, especially when im basking in perfect bliss with all my favorite celeberties and pets in Heaven. *snicker*

I realize you were telling a

I realize you were telling a funny but you may be onto something. Most people do have the mindset that God is some man in the sky who you can ignore, that was your message, was it not? When almighty God brought his only son down to earth to save it, and people snicker about him, that my friend is when it is time to fear God. The Bible says, " God is not mocked." I for one believe that verse.

That was not exactly what I

That was not exactly what I was trying to say... no. What I was trying to say is that there is nothing worse on the planet than some self-satisfied shitbag who smuggly thinks that dispite having no moral/intellectual/behavioral advantages over his fellow humans, he is somehow going to be the recipient of cosmic bliss while everyone else gets tortured forever based wholly on the fact that he selected his particular inane superstition to believe in.

The idea that most religeous people have that you will be judged based on what you beleived in rather than your actions is vexing to say the least. I don't personally believe you will be "judged" by anyone save your fellow humans and yourself as you lay dying and reflecting on how you lived your life. That said, if I was going to believe in fantasy super-powered wizards/kings with amazing powers, I would at least amend my psychosis to include a behavior clause to the heaven/hell contract.

Afterall, why would the cosmic overlord want to surround himself with a bunch of sniveling yes-men who never questioned authority or altered their behavior as requested; but instead felt content to appologise to their pillow every night for doing all the same stuff everyone else does... as if this was enough to placate the highest level diety in our multiverse?

But then, if I was going to engage in that sort of delusion, i'd probably go for a REAL God, like Thor. Excuse me but ill take the brawling, drunken mead hall in the sky brimming with scantaly attired valkyrie babes over the dull, boring golden city filled with boot-licking chaste suck-ups and halo-wearing, dickless werebirds any day of the week.

Valhalla rocks!

To each their own!


......are my new favorite DP poster

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Thank you... Ill be here all

Thank you... Ill be here all week.

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oh NO!!

now that i fear :)

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence