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Video: Rep. Mike Rogers Rips Edward Snowden On Meet The Press

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Too much of the public

Too many of the public understand what's going on. Too bad Mr Rogers.

Is it me or does this Rogers

Is it me or does this Rogers guy breathe like some sort of reptile? Really though, what is up with his mouth while he`s waiting to talk? Maybe it`s just because I don`t like him. He and Peter King are guys that really get under my skin...

Wonder what the NSA has on

Wonder what the NSA has on that blowhard that he is singing their tune.


Mike Rogers = Chuggar

Mike Rogers = Chuggar

emalvini what was that

Why did you promote these two mouth pieces of the regime?
Just shaking my head at giving any credence to the criminals in DC

I have to agree with base1aransas and fonta

In sort of a bass ackwards way it shows the stupidity of the two mouth pieces, I guess I had a bad taste in my mouth after a few seconds of watching the two asshats, which is all I could not stomach.


Let the lawbreakers make their boastful crazed accusations and show without a doubt their true security concerns lay with corrupt anti Constitutional policy.

shhh...is right!

Another shhh is the good that is coming from all of this. Beyond Snowden and revealing secrets that should never been secrets and beyond whatever gou think about Bruce Fein being Snowden's Dad's legal advice...beyond all that there is finally much attention on the Patriot Act and spying on citizens. Even one Senator who co-wrote it is scrambling and saying the Patriot Act was never meant to be used this way and the government wrote secret interpretations of it in order to.
abuse it. Lol. Lying to cover his tail to keep his seat? Probably. However, this whole thing is exposing the abuses. When some of us wanted to wake up the masses, would we not have loved this kind of exposure.

Everybody who cares...keep it about the message and be vigilant of anyone trying to derail the momentum.


dandy headline, by the way ;)

silly congressional rabbit, trix are for sheeple

If the executives in Washington DC thought that his yet undisclosed information was a threat they would or at least should have granted him immunity on day one when he was back in Hong Kong to coax his intelligent little butt back home. It still holds true. If right now they still consider him to be a continued threat, they could and should grant him immunity. It's that simple. If it's actually about national security, then it really isn't about Snowden, and his fate is of relatively little concern.