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The Irony of Jack Hunter's Resignation from the Rand Paul Campaign

The Irony of Jack Hunter's Resignation from the Rand Paul Campaign
By Ian Cioffi @IanCioffi on twitter

First, lets get the obvious out of the way. The attacks against Jack Hunter these past couple of weeks, are political hit jobs, from people who don't really care about racism. Their goal was to do to Jack Hunter & Rand Paul, what they've been trying to do to Ron Paul all these years, and that's label them something they are not, for political gain.

What I find ironic about what happened however, is what went down with Jack Hunter these past couple of weeks, and what went down between Jack & the organizers of LibertyFest NYC in 2011.

For those who don't know the story, Jack Hunter was invited to speak at LibertyFest NYC on September 10th, the day before the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Jack had accepted the invitation and all was going smoothly, until a whisper campaign against our event began.

We now know that whisper campaign was started by Kelly Owens, who at the time was volunteering for the Ron Paul campaign in Iowa. She was making phone calls to our speakers, from a blocked number, telling them that our event was a "bait and switch" event. She claimed we were misleading people, telling them this was a Libertarian event, but it was really a 9/11 truther event. These claims were being made, despite the fact that the topics discussed by the majority of our speakers, were not related to "9/11 truth".

When Jack Hunter was contacted and told this, he reached out to us...
(continued at http://lfnyc.com/Irony_of_Jack_Hunter_Resigning.html )

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No offence to anyone but..

Jack Hunter cares about the movement. He is also smart enough to know that mainstream doesn't like the man in the tin foil hat. It frightens them and and the media and he was into marketing Ron Paul in a light that couldn't be attacked by the media.

It's called marketing. It's trying to give Ron Paul a different image to the mainstream and that image to how you see him.

So it's very odd when you guys get righteousness when you don't consider these facts. He was concerned with running a campaign so don't fault him for that.

i.e. If loose lips sink ships, then you guys are going around yelling at the top of your lungs screaming without care. Jack was just trying to say quieten down even if he probably may have agreed with you.

Try not to divide yourselves. Think why a person takes action.

At any given time, the media

At any given time, the media could play a clip of Ron Paul on Alex Jones, if they wanted to.

9/11 was an inside job

Woe be unto any Paul, financed by the Bilderbergers, who denies that fact.

b ump

b ump