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New Zealand Defense Ministers: "We Don't (NSA) Spy On Reporters. Oh, Yes We Do. Oops! Sorry."

No We Don't.

Military officials in Wellington were quick to reject the claims in the article by freelance investigative reporter and liberal activist Nicky Hager. He wrote that the military became unhappy at Stephenson's reporting on how it treated Afghan prisoners.
"We have identified no information at this time that supports Mr. Hager's claims," Maj. Gen. Tim Keating, the acting defense force chief, said in a statement.
He said the military officers responsible for operations in Afghanistan had assured him there had been no unlawful monitoring of Stephenson by New Zealand. "This includes asking foreign organizations to do this on our behalf," he said.

Yes We Do, There's An Order For Spying

Also Monday, New Zealand Defense Minister Jonathan Coleman acknowledged the existence of an embarrassing confidential order that lists investigative journalists alongside spies and terrorists as potential threats to New Zealand's military. That document was leaked to Hager, who provided a copy to The Associated Press. Coleman said the order will be modified to remove references to journalists.


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You can remove the offending sentence

about journalists, you worthless piece of shite, Jonathon Coleman, but you can't remove the intention.
Put you head back up between John Keys cheeks where it belongs.

gracias por el comentario

gracias por el comentario