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Pittsburgh SWAT Officers Dragged 10-Year-Old from Bathtub, Made Him Stand Naked Next to 4-Year-Old Sister, Terrorized Family


Lawsuit: Pittsburgh SWAT Officers Dragged 10-Year-Old from Bathtub, Made Him Stand Naked Next to 4-Year-Old Sister, Terrorized Family

Moreno house
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Georgeia Moreno and her mother and stepfather have filed a federal lawsuit against the city, Police Chief Nate Harper, Officer Michael Reddy and several unidentified officers for injuries and property damage they claim to have suffered in the December 2010 incident in Carrick.

Police had a warrant for Moreno's husband, William, but attorney Tim O'Brien says they crossed the line with the family by "pointing loaded assault weapons at their heads, shouting profanities at them, forcibly handcuffing them, inflicting bodily harm, and in one instance rousting a 10-year-old boy from a shower and interrogating him while he stood there naked."

O'Brien says police violated the principles of the Fourth Amendment by making an unnecessary and violent entry to the family's house.

"This wasn't a Middle Eastern terrorist. This is a guy who was being sought because he was in a bar fight, and there were other ways they could have him turn himself in without doing what they did," O'Brien said. "But even beyond that, once they were in the house and they seized this individual -- which they did immediately, they knew who he was -- they should have left. But they didn't. They stayed in the house, terrorized other people, ransacked the house, caused thousands upon thousands of dollars of damages, and it was unlawful and unconstitutional."
"Police obviously have a legitimate interest in protecting themselves, but how they go about doing that, and what's reasonable in one situation and not reasonable in another has to be looked at," O'Brien said. "There was no evidence in this case that the suspect was armed. There was no evidence that there was any issue about weapons. This is a suspect who was accused of hurting someone in a bar fight."

"Do we need this kind of force? Do we need a SWAT team of 12 to 15 officers armed with assault weapons and flash grenades barging into a house with a battering ram? Is that where we've come to? And if we have, we have to ask if this is a democracy or a police state."

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Pittsburgh SWAT officers must face claims that they raided a family’s home, violently dragged a child from the bathtub, and “terrorized” them at gunpoint, a federal judge ruled.

Georgeia Moreno and her family sued Pittsburgh, its police chief and 14 police officers in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania.

The events unfolded as Georgeia, her husband, William; and her stepfather, Mark Staymates were watching television in their living room as Georgia’s sick mother, Darlene, slept upstairs at 7 p.m. on Dec. 7, 2010. They suddenly heard a loud explosion and saw bright lights, “as if grenades were going off,” the complaint states.

Although the team purportedly sought to arrest William for quarreling with a drunk, off-duty police officer at a local veterans club early that morning, the family says that their "terrorization" continued for another 45 minutes after William was apprehended.

Pittsburgh family sues police over 2010 raid on their home

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In all seriousness,

who is training the police to behave like an invading military force?
This goes way beyond "normal" behavior. Are "they" putting something in the water cooler?

Interesting info on this case at:


This has been dragging on since 2010. Last week the judge said no to the cops request for dismissal based on their claim that the statute of limitations had expired.

The Gestapo lives in Pittsburgh

This is another demonstration of why we need citizen grand juries to place trial for injustices committed by government employees in front of their employers, The People, to weigh the evidence and where necessary indict the wrongdoers.

Government employees enjoy immunity from prosecution at all levels of government and police departments decide on whether conduct of their employees warrant prosecution. This has got to end. We must rein in these pretenders of law and order and subject them to direct scrutiny of the People at all levels of government by grand juries or by jurors who are aware of their duty to judge the facts and/or decide on the validity, correctness or necessity of whatever law the charges were brought under according to their common sense and consciences.

This must be applied to the federal government also as the Constitution of the United States was intentionally adopted without an enforcement clause to allow the monied classes to eventually wrest the control of the government from the People. It began with the Whiskey Rebellion and hasn't let up since.

Having the Supreme Court decide matters of law relating to the conduct of our employees in the federal government is tantamount to having the fox guard the hen house. The Supremes are paid by -- guess who -- the Treasury Department. Whose side do you think they are on?

The next step in the evolution of the Republic is to adopt an amendment to the Constitution establishing a states' oversight commission to decide questions on the constitutionality of any act or measure of the three branches of the federal government.

It only takes one to KEEP AMERICANS FREE. Know your duties & rights as a juror. Stop the unconstitutional conviction of innocents in federal custody. The Fully Informed Jury CALL 1-800-TEL-JURY www.fija.org IMMEDIATELY if not sooner. It's that important.

More BS

So if the cops come to the door, the trick is to take off my clothes and run to the bathtub?

This is why Israel has such a great system with the IDF, you KNOW who YOUR police are, they are your neighbors and friends, and you have freedom to live your life and you can talk about things because the IDF protects your rights, it's up to you to protect your life, and if you need help, you ask someone you know.

Here in America, we have created a lack of trust, and the police, who I happen to like mine very much, think they do an outstanding job. I LOVE my Sheriff's department, so I guess I have a way different experience than most here, which I'm sorry, but to me, it appears that people are doing things to set police up, like send the kids to the bathtub nakid.

Hello this morning granger!

How goes the pushing and loving big government today?

What's that? terrorizing kids at gunpoint in the name of security is acceptable? Good to see you still got your head on straight!

Still in bed with Israel I see, God doesn't favor them anymore so I guess someone has to right? Good to know we can always count on The Granger!

Thats's not how I see it

Big government is global central banking.
Federal government has problems, and so do states, counties, and cities, and this issues should be addressed. I think being part of the problem is not a solution. How is being part of the problem working for you? Paranoia works?

Putting kids up as a reason is not acceptable to me. Kids seem to have a lot more common sense than many adults, and one thing I learned long ago, kids can take falls much easier than senior citizens.

The parents put their kids in harms way by misdirecting them and then use that as their excuse.

I must have my head on straight because my life is GOOD.

LOVE ISRAEL!! God has done Israel many favors. GOD LOVES ISRAEL VERY VERY MUCH. God PROOVES his LOVE for Israel everyday!

Yes, you can count on me. It's also good to know I can't count on you, because it's not you who are going to save me. That's GOD, and who I count on.

While I, a Jewess, was

While I, a Jewess, was growing up, it was, "You Jews killed Jesus and we despise you". Now the concepts have come full circle. Israelis somehow poisoned your mind, and turned your whole religion upside down in one generation. You guys will just believe anything, and not search for Truth. GAAAAH!

Good lord Granger - how do you get through the day

Ok- here comes another schooling from the scarecrow.

1. A citizen cannot set the police up. Either the police are within the law or they are not. If they are not -and a citizen so chooses to play the game to point that out - tough crap for the police. They were not setup - they were caught.
2. Yes, you are free to take off your clothes and run to the bathtub ESPECIALLY if the warrant is NOT for you. You can do whatever the hell you want in your home. The warrant is NOT for a premises - it is for an individual and that is the only individual the police should have any contact with. You are not guilty by association in this country(I cant speak for Israel since I do not live there, nor do I give a shit how they do it)

And there is no "we" created a lack of trust - police failing miserably have created the lack of trust.

One second at a time

Police are people, thus people can be entrapped. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tT_kIjiiL3E

Maybe it's just too many years of seeing a war on drugs, but what you are saying is not been what I have heard and seen happen to people I knew, what heppend in the courts, or how I understand the laws.

Seems you are not interested in building a batter society but taking the one you have to HELL in the name of BLAME.

Since I am bored I will play along

First, I do not drive traffic to other sites or videos - hence I will not click on the youtube link to drive up views on a video I have zero idea what is about. If the video is so good - at least give the cliff notes so I have an idea what I am clicking on.

Second, "Maybe it's just too many years of seeing a war on drugs, but what you are saying is not been what I have heard and seen happen to people I knew, what heppend in the courts, or how I understand the laws." This is brilliant - so you want me to defend my position by countering your argument with MY personal experiences. Very slick. But who cares - Ill give it anyways just for fun: Never been arrested and never in my life taken an illegal drug so your inference that my opinion of the police is driven by my love of drugs or pot or prior arrests is busted.

My opinion DOES comes from the endless supply of video evidence that shows up on this site showing the cops out of control. My opinion DOES come from personal dealing with the CT State Police for issues involving others committing crimes - not ME(oh by the way - this is the same police department that is so corrupt we had to go to New York to get a police department to investigate them). It also comes from close personal ties with several cops.

My interest lies in building a MUCH better society. One where people do not fear police, but look to them for guidance, prudence and as role models of exemplary citizens. That WILL NOT happen as long acts like the ones these officers committed are not exposed for the egregious over stepping of authority and power that they are.

Perhaps you are either to naïve or blind to see the darkened mental state of a person so enthralled by the adrenaline rush of committing violence against other, weaker people. You can kid yourself that is was the circumstances of this raid - but my aforementioned experiences tell me it is the mental state of the officers - the only reason most have not ripped a kid out of the shower and interrogated them mercilessly in a degrading manner is not from constraint and nobility - but for lack of opportunity.

Your headline reminds me

I once told my Dad that I was bored, and he told me, "Learn to pick up a book. Only stupid people get bored."

I have never been arrested. I did go to the trials of people who I knew that I worked with in getting Prop 215 signatures. I collected tens of thousands of votes and then I guit, said I didn't agree with the word "marijuana as it is a slang word". Well Prop 215 passed 56%. So I ate crow.. some of these folks opened shops, and then they got busted (I was a hemp activist, hoped they would return the favor, they never did, actually wound up fighting me saying hemp would cross polinate their crops) Anyways, when numbers of them were busted, I went to the courts and watched the battles, and they were unfair battles. Really woke me up to the courts, which is where I think the bigger problem (based on global central banking is).

One reason I like Israel is because of the IDF. Everyone KNOWS their neighbor, most everyone is trained.. you need help you get help, and there is a lot of peace in Israel becasue of the system.

I think too many people, and politicians put kids up as fodder.. "look what they did to the children".. The children.. To me, Children are the responsinility of the parent. If cops were knocking on my parents door, my parents would have come to the door and we would not be in the bath.

Meth heads pull crap like that, I don't respect it, and I don't blame cops for the crap they have to put up with from criminals who hide and use kids as an excuse.

People set up cops. I'm not saying all police are good, but in my experience, they are. I LOVE my Sherrif. I have enjoyed the guys he hires. I like my police cheif. I like the folks he's hired. I think they do an outstanding job, and I'm sorry that not everyone is as fortunate as me and many others who have good relationships with theirs.

Cops come to your door, telling the kids it's bath time is not the roght thing to do, and then folm it for YouTube.. BS!

ecorob's picture

Once again...

Who made this decision?

Someone is accountable.

Find out who they are and protest outside their house. Expose them to their children for what they are.

Simple. Humiliation always works. Let this guy's neighbors see what kind of gestapo, jack-booted, nazi thug neighbor they really have.

(Again, and again.)

See if what they do in the dark they will acknowledge in the light.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

They were sending a message

"Don't f^^k with us, or we'll go after you're family, too." Same tactics the Albanian mob uses (and many others). The defendants involved will be reassigned with promotions and the family will settle out of court for an undisclosed sum.


ecorob's picture


the Nazi's buddy got his arse kicked in a bar fight that he probably started.

These jack-booted bastards should take a clue from this episode.

In the future they won't ALWAYS be in groups with badges and the "broken" ""law"" on their side.

They will face us, the people one on one.

Actions in the dark WILL BE answerable in the light.

Think about that, Nazis.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

gangland retribution - nothing less

key comments from the story:

This is a guy who was being sought because he was in a bar fight...


This is a suspect who was accused of hurting someone in a bar fight.

finally clarified in the final paragraph as:

sought to arrest William for quarreling with a drunk, ***off-duty police officer*** (emphasis mine) at a local veterans club early that morning...

which reveals everything we need to know about:

...a SWAT team of 12 to 15 officers armed with assault weapons and flash grenades barging into a house with a battering ram... They stayed in the house, terrorized other people, ransacked the house, caused thousands upon thousands of dollars of damages

Retribution. Gang-style.

I'm voting for Peace.

I thought the same thing

Immediately. Soon as I saw the ***off-duty police officer***, it became crystal clear.
They sent a message, it is don't any of you commoners mess with our boys.

They sent a SWAT team out to make an arrest for a bar fight?

Obviously the intent here was not just to arrest the suspect, the intent here was to intimidate, to create an atmosphere of fear and terror. Reminds of the old adage of a dictator, "I would much rather have the people fear me than just respect me"

respeck mai authoritai

He may be a dangerous man

He fought a Police Officer

The fight was with an off-duty police officer.

You can bet it was not the bar-owner who called the police for the fight earlier in the day, but the officer who went crying to his buddies.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Boys Club

I keep hearing that, "not all cops are bad". I don't believe that anymore. They wouldn't become cops in the first place if they didn't already have something seriously psychologically wrong. And didn't I hear recently that if you have an above average IQ you couldn't become a cop? Now that I do believe!
Time to dismantle the Boy's Club me thinks...

Hey Archons', we are taking our planet back and there's nothing you can do about it!


Yep, I always hear the same line too-- we all have. Even these so-called "good cops" protect their own when it comes down to it. Hell, even the handful of cops that I *do* like, I still think they're cocky BS artists.

A signature used to be here!

Did this action have any

Did this action have any connection to the drunken police officer involved in bar room brawl with apprehended victim? I'm glad this family is pursuing the case...Why is it taking so long to get heard? 2010?

egapele's picture

For the love of God!

This story is sickening.

0 trust for police now, 0,

0 trust for police now, 0, zilch, none.

Southern Agrarian