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Police Kill 95 year old man for refusing medical treatment? Autopsy confirms he died from the beanbag rounds.


I realize they will say they followed all the rules and he threatened them first...blah blah blah...But why is it that the obvious is never ever stated in these articles?

How many people are still screaming IF ONLY ZIMMERMAN HAD STAYED in his car...blah blah blah... Well how about if they simply let a 95 year old guy, who is so opposed to medical treatment, that he is willing to fight off the cops with a cane and a shoe horn...How about they just let him refuse medical treatment? Would that be so wrong?

Or does their logic make more sense? If we allow him to refuse treatment he may die, so we will use deadly force to make him get medical treatment. I just don't get it.

What a great country we live in, the good ol' USA.

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Did I miss it?

Where in the article did it say that the murdered man was being attacked due to his refusing medical treatment? The article very carefully left out the vital detail of the cause of the conflict.

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine

You didn't miss it

There was never any mention of medicine.

I really don't get this

I really don't get this mentality of forced help. People are forced to stay alive instead of having some legal way to commit suicide. The state comes and forcefully takes people from their homes to evacuate them in emergencies, regardless of being asked for that "help."

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How about they just let him refuse medical treatment?

That is his right!

The authorities were wrong, criminally wrong.

Free includes debt-free!

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Must be he had really good health insurance.

Sick thought, eh?


Those responsible better be held accountable for this murder! This is terrible and so disheartening - this kind of thing just happens over and over. This was a 95 year old man and they were basically abducting him.


Unless the laws have changed in the last ten years, no one is supposed to be forced into treatment. If they realize without treatment, they will die, it is still their right. I sent my, 94 YO, great grandpa to the hospital,with arrythmias and congestive heart failure, he screamed all of the way. (first time in the hospital, for him!) Later, he refused his meds in the ECF. I told him he would die if he refused to take his meds. He said, to me, "Let an old man do, what an old man wants to do!" He died shortly after that, in the ECF. What happened was close to murder. It was negligent homicide!

I respectfully yet irately disagree.

At 94 years it was time for him to die and I applaud him for being a real man and facing death instead of a coward and running to the purveyors of fear in a last ditch attempt to extend his life. If there were more like him who refused the lure of physical salvation through the ungodly medical establishment then this world would be a better place. You should be ashamed for forcing your great grandpa to do anything. So much for your belief in liberty and freedom.

I've got to add that it pains me to no end that this man went 94 years without submitting to the doctor gods but in his last days you forced him to submit. Sickening.

Nope, not referring to great grandpa!

I was referring to the man in the article, with the murder line. My great grandfather, who said he held Teddy Roosevelt's horse, for him, on San Juan Hill, was absolutely right in going on to a better place. His choice! He was taken to the hospital, initially, because, in his condition, rational thought was not present. He was clear and rational in the ECF. As a medical doctor, I knew that people had the right to refuse treatment, as long as they understood the consequences. If the patient is willing to die, it is his choice!

Ok Sorry

I thought you were referring to your grandpa.

Thank you

Apology accepted. You just misunderstood my poor statement structure! I understand.

I keep saying it. YELLING IT.

They want to play god. It may well be the last religion of this age. At first I thought it was democracy that would be the last religion since the whole world loves it and want it even though it is at enmity with GOD. But it is becoming more clear that the medical industry and their Pharmacia aka "Sorcery" are the last religion of this age. It fits the bill perfectly. The world flocks to it and seeks salvation through it. It is represented by a serpent. And if you don't submit to it then you are persecuted.

I have said all along that mandatory "health" insurance will be followed by mandatory "health" care. They can steal my money for not buying health insurance but when they come to force me to submit to the healthcare gods then that will be the last straw.


So, people that get an infected gallbladder, strangulated hernia, appendicitis, should just be left to die? I think your response is over-emotional. How could a charismatic Christian, like me, do this to this to humans?

I also had a patient who was elderly, defer an operation for bowel obstruction. She died a few days later! I was completely against over-treatment of the elderly. I was, even, called before a medical review board for not treating a vegetative patient, with $1,000/day antibiotics, when $1.00/day antibiotic was appropriate. You are wrong in your assumptions. I never prevented death. I was in it to prevent suffering. But, they got me out because I "cared too much, and should not have been practicing cutting edge medicine in a small town hospital".

So, a tazer did not stop

a 95 year old, sickly man??? Wow, how much medical treatment could he need? Tazers usually bring healthy people down. What a joke!!!


to medical treatment you don't want or we'll kill you...

It's all in your own best interest, of course.