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"Corporate" America is dying a slow death, but it is in the death throes

There is no doubt a "great awakening" is and has been occurring. The signs of it are all around us for anyone who has the eyes to see and time to notice. Governments all around the world are trying very hard to control the damage, but the whole system is showing serious strain. The truth always wins in the end you see.
I have noticed a similar phenomonon which has affected me personally in my life and if it has affected me, I am sure it has affected others. It started when I realized that "corporations" function on a very similar premise to "governments". Both seek to limit freedom of the individual, both seek to control the money supply of the individual, both seek to integrate the individual into the "whole"-of the structure, thereby squashing creativity, both have control over information which is then doled out and used exclusively for the propagation of "it's" best interest as a whole, as opposed to "your" best interest as an individual. These are just a few right off the top of my head...the list of comparisons is quite long...What I know but they have not yet quite figured out is that
the whole structure is by nature, unsustainable. Individuals will always move in the direction of what they percieve to be their greatest freedom. I can't speak for your experience, but as for me, working 60 hours a week for a wage that you can't live on does not sound like my greatest freedom. To make matters worse the collusion between the "governments" and the "corporations" has led to a situation where corporations are able to subsidize the "working poor" through tax dollars (stealing and redistribution of wealth) thereby allowing the corporations more profit at the expense of the individual. The whole system is a scam.
One of the reasons corporations are in the process of failing is because smart, intelligent, creative and talented people like me are refusing to buy into the paradigm. Therefore we will not trade our time and talents to them in exchange for a paycheck. Eventually, smart, intelligent people will be in short supply to the corporation and they will struggle to maintain their structures with less qualified individuals...as more and more people begin to see through the facade and realize it is infintely more fulfilling to explore our own true passions rather than trade your life for money, we will find ways to educate others on how to do the same. Look at all the self sustaining communities that are popping up, homesteading movements etc. This has already been going on for a number of years and the difference is that we are empowering ourselves for success in life...not a "successful career".
I wanted to let you all know that The Daily Paul has been a huge part of my journey and will continue to play a role in my future endeavors. Thank you all for your contributions to my growth and may you continue to follow your joy to success.
Christine (aka Corporate Hippie)