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Please learn how to spell "ridiculous".

The word "ridiculous" is spelled r-i-d-i-c-u-l-o-u-s.

Not rediculous.
Not ridiculus.
Not ridicules.


This is an incredibly ironic word to misspell, second perhaps only to the word misspell itself. Sadly, this mistake is a very, very common occurrence on these boards. Please stop.

Thank you.

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As carpenters and mechanics...

..ought not to misuse THEIR tools, neither should writers. Of course, as human beings, we will all make mistakes, and sometimes the right tool just isn't at hand. Nevertheless, we should all strive to do better, and remember that the proper response to a correction is "Thank you."

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not to be confused with 'rediculosis' - an embarrassing and

comparatively painful venereal disease.

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Our public school system is failing us.

Just a few days ago someone asked me if the word Exodus was Xanadu. She's in her 30s. But the most ironic part of it all is that she is a volunteer CCD teacher and the part I saw of what she was reading online was "Book of Exodus."

I thought it was absolutely *rediculous ;-) that she did not know the word Exodus! :-)

I realize not everyone has perfect grammar but I believe it is important to at least try. I'm sure I make plenty of mistakes as well.

The worst one I hear every day is people not knowing the difference between don't and doesn't. It seems some among us treat the word/contraction doesn't as if it shouldn't exist. They *doesn't even care to try to understand the difference between the two!

Or even better, when people say things like "he/they don't got no" of something. What they are actually saying is that they do not have "zero/zilch/nada/none" of whatever they are referring to. And if you do not have zero then you must have more than zero, meaning you have some.

So next time someone tells you "I don't got no money," tell them to cough it up because they are literally telling you that they have it! :-)


Spelling variants

From the Oxford English Dictionary, we gather that spelling variants can be divided for this word in two groups, those beginning ri- and those beginning re-:

α. 15 ridicolous, 15 ridicolouse, 15 ridicoulous, 15 ridyculouse, 15 rydiculous, 15 rydiculus, 15 rydyculouse, 15–16 ridiculouse,, 15– ridiculous, 16 ridicolus; U.S. regional 18– ridic'lus, 19– ridick'lus; also Sc. pre-17 ridicolous, 18– rideec'lous, 19– rideeculas.

β. 15 rediculouse, 15– rediculous (now nonstandard), 16 redicolous, 16 redicolus, 18 reediklus (Sc.), 19– rendiculous (Irish English (north.)); U.S. regional 18 redickilous, 18 redick'lous.

The spellings in re-, while not supported by etymology, are of venerable age and formerly coexisted with the spelling in ri-. Rediculous was used in print into the twentieth century, when it fell out of general favor. Given this continuous use over centuries, while it may be correct to say that it is now nonstandard, I would hesitate to call it wrong as such. After all, it is common to say "RE-diculous" for emphasis, as in, "It was utterly RE-diculous, I tell you, RE-diculous!"

I produce here a list of attestations of the spelling rediculous, gathered from literary and non-literary sources:

1575. Glasse of Government by George Gascoigne. "They haue not shamed, by a vaine shew of learning to defend such propositions, as seeme most rediculous & estranged from reason."

1616. The Tempest by William Shakespeare. "A most rediculous Monster, to make a wonder of a poore drunkard."

1663. Counsel and Advice to all Builders by Balthazar Gerbier. "Rediculous Ornaments."

1763. Love in a Village by Isaac Bickerstaff. "Oh admirable, most delectibly rediculous."

1792. The Spoil'd Child by Isaac Bickerstaff. "Had you been rendered rediculous as I have been by his tricks as you call 'em, you wou'd have been the first to complain and to punish."

1839. The Green Mountain Boys: A Historical Tale of The Early Settlement of Vermont by Daniel P. Thompson. " ‘It is so rediculous!’ stammered the shrinking Ruth."

1862. The Pearl of Orr's Island by Harriet Beecher Stowe. "That ar Atkinson 's too rediculous for anything."

1917. Bab by Mary Roberts Rinehart. "It is rediculous for Hannah to say I said the cigarettes were mine."

1958. The Times (London). July 26, page 4. "Mr Lincoln said that this was a rediculous assertion."

2007. The Sunday Mirror (London). June 27, page 14. "Despite the centre's assurances that sex offenders travelling to and from the clinic are brought by car, the decision to put a play park nearby is just rediculous."

I think the OP

should let the oxford dictionary folks know that they are ridiculously wrong!

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What a riddledickulous precept -

to proscribe the tenet that language be a static and permanent system for communication herewith.

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How do I spell "ridiculous"?

I'm glad you axed. Here's a few variations:

- Obammer
- Busch
- Cliton
- Rmoney
- McCaint
- Patroit Act
- eckcetera

Spelling Nazis make me laugh

As do people who get mad when people


as if they can hear the yelling through their keyboards

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The anti all caps goes way

The anti all caps goes way back to the early days of the net on bulletin board systems where all caps was viewed as shouting and often considered to be rude.

These days if someone wants to do that they just get on YouTube to scream and yell at people.

It would be interesting if there has been any research into the readability of text when it is all caps versus no caps versus normal. Add into that the readability of a long post that uses no caps at all, no punctuation and with all of it crammed into a single paragraph. Readability and being able to get the right message across is probably the most important.


I make a point of reading it

more intensely in my mind, just so I don't miss the effect.

Mark Twain said:

"If there's only one way to spell a word, then I'd say there's something wrong with that word."

No ofence, butt a rediclous post,

an if your talkin at me, I mite had spell it wrong a time or too, butt in genral my spellin is perty fare. So, jest mine your own bisiness.

And it's my business to...

Ignore posts like these...

I also think we should put a stop to the

comments that end in DOT DOT DOT...

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"It's a damned poor

"It's a damned poor imagination that can think of only one way to spell a word" -- Mark Twain

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Please learn the difference between use and mention.

This is a pet peeve of mine. If you mention a word, it should be in quotes. Hence, the word "ridiculous" should be in quotes in the title of this post.


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Reminder bump

I found this post when searching for the other Adam Carolla threads to include in this new one.

I always liked this post. I like the content, and I like that it is so polite in it's directness: "Please learn how to spell ridiculous." Truly, it is a simple request.

While we're at it, we might also learn to spell the word "lose," which contrary to popular usage on the Daily Paul is not spelled "loose."

Hell, and it seems one that I'm going to learn how to spell is Adam Carolla - not Toyota Corolla.


He's the man.
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or as suggested by Hyperbole and a Half, imagine it literally


"to loose" something is to set it free e.g. "cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war".

"to effect" i.e. "to cause", subtly different from "to affect", i.e. "to alter".

So if you see a smorgasbord of mistakes like:
"He looses his keys on us alot. It effects everyone."
Instead of getting angry, just imagine someone, speaking to his Alot, conveying how their friend unleashes a barrage of life-giving keys upon them. That'd be a nuisance too, right?

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I always liked this one

too from Hyperbole and a Half:
This Is Why I'll Never Be An Adult ;)

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I like that ALOT!

This one gets to me: Dual Citizen not Duel Citizen!


If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.

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A lot is a lot of words

That is what I told the elementary students I worked with for a while.

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
― Dr. Seuss

rediculous =

to diculous again.

You will loose in live if you

You will loose in live if you mispell ridiculous

Southern Agrarian

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I have seen this very same thread posted here many times.


Time for a playbook update, no? Government sequesters got you all low on paper?

Then come the grovelers, likening themselves to the "stupid" people that come here to post, apologizing for their bad grammar.

Ugh. Puleez.

I'm a work in progress,

And I don't know what I don't know! I am working to improve.

Please forgive me for my misspelling.

Thank you.

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we all.

I can't stand know-it-alls

How well

do you deal with know-more-than-you-do's?

Who was it who said, "Feed your head"?

Ĵīɣȩ Ɖåđşŏń

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That's funny.

That's funny.

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