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Israel Is Not Apartheid: Proof

I believe one of the big problems on DP concerning Israel, is people are NOT doing their homework. They are not checking the facts but accepting misinformation against Israel.

The liberty movement should study, and LEARN, from Israel, not shun it, not damn it, but learn why we should stand with Israel, and work to become more like Israel.

So, let's begin with the subject of apartheid since many here tell me that, "Israel is Apartheid". That is not true, and here's proof:


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occupation 101

google it, watch it

Jackson County Georgia

War is an instrument entirely inefficient toward redressing wrong; and multiplies, instead of indemnifying losses.
Thomas Jefferson


quick question. who gives a rats as.?

I agree with you to a point

We should try to work with all groups to achieve our aims.

Does anyone remember the great letter written by Rafi Farber an Israeli?


Don't let people divide and conquer this worldwide community. We have supporters everywhere. Lets support them.

Of course we are also allowed to point out issues we disagree with but lets not lose sight of the big picture. We could have a lot of support from Israelis if we just reached out.

+1 Granger.

Lord Acton, Lord Chief Justice of England, 1875 - "The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the People v. The Banks."

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who is the dude

I had seen this before,but don't know who he is?

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

Good Thing

Israel doesn't listen to Washington.

Bad thing that

Washington listens to Israel.

Echo Chamber of "Intellect"

I'm so glad we are so smart, we know everything and most people are mindless idiots. We should never criticize our own beliefs or perceptions. Instead let's just congratulate ourselves and promote simplistic answers to complex issues.

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This video is not anything impressive

Life is great in Israel for "others". This vid is rubbish.
20% of Israel is arab...wow!
Just because 50 years ago it was well over 70% arab, silly details.

How about the Africans (Jews by the way) that have recently been forcibly sterilized in Israel?

The best part of the video is "the only control Israel has over people in the occupied territories is when they enter Israel."
That is hilarious. Keeping food, medicine and many other basic material out through an illegal blockade isn't an act of war or oppression.

I shouldn't even bother - I cant beat the Stand with Israel bloggers.


Liberty = Responsibility

Life is great in Israel

That's why so many people want to escape UN AUTHORITY
ISLAMIC AUTHORITY and move to Israel.

Did you know, there are volunteer groups building homes for Palestinians?
Ddi you know there are Doctors without Boarders based in Israel helping Palestinians because the Palestinians government is so corrupt, taking bread out of people's mouths to but French Challets?
Did you know Israel has volunteer groups that feed Palestinians?
Did you know Palestinian cross the border to go to school, get medical help, go to college, go shopping? WHY? Because the Palestinian AUTHORITY Question AUTHORITY!! But don't question the Palestinian Authority, who if you know any history, occupy 85% of the disputed areas..

And where is the Al Asqa Mosque built? ON TOP OF THE FIRST JEWISH TEMPLE. The Jews were slaughterd, there was a dispora, and you think they have no right to return from those who stole their land, least we forget, the British took ALL that land after disolving the Ottoman Empire. Jordan is Palestine. Turley is Palestine. Pakistan is Palestine and they chased the Palestinians OFF their land. Why don't you have any issues with them?

I'm definately standing with Israel. I'm standing for SOVREIGNITY, while you fall with Detroit, ALA Neo Palestine American Style.

Acts of Kindness are always done as propaganda.

To show how well the slaves are treated.

I am well aware

the difference between who is being friendly and who is a friend. I am not confused in the very least about the difference.

Nor are the Israeli Ethiopeans and why they continued their friendship and LOVE for Israel and didn't chum up to the UN, like you.

The notion that Israel's

The notion that Israel's control over the occupied and colonized Palestinians is only at the border is utter nonsense. There are Jewish only roads connecting Jewish only colonies through out the West Bank. Palestinians must not enter those roads and they have to go through checkpoints. They have to take much longer routes to other villages, so as to avoid the Jewish only roads and colonies, aka settlements. They do not control the water and land resources of their own territory! They have to deal with the sewage from Israeli colonies aka settlements. They have to deal with daily vicious physical and verbal harassment from truly nutty "settlers." The dishonesty of Zionists never ceases to amaze me. Granger is being used, like a cheap whore.

Jewish only?

There are Ethopian Jewish only, Kurdistan Jewish Only, Yemeny Jewish Only, and Iraqi Jewish Only, and American Jewish only, and Chinese Jewish Only and many ethnicities who OWN their own roads and it's called SECURITY, OWNERSHIP.

Have you got a problem with private ownership? (No, unless it comes from say a Mexican who can proove that they own CA?, I know many families who therough the Catholic Church can PROOVE, they OWN CA, so many we all need to go back where we came from so we are not hypocrites? Israel WON the war in self defense. It's ISRAEL. Get used to it).

Yes.. In Israel you can OWN and BUILD what is YOURS.. must be a forgotten concept in the USA since American have become UN indocternated.

I am not being used.. you are.

I find it interesting how several here think that someone has "indoctornated me". Is that what happened to you? That is NOT what happened to me. I think for myself, I guestion things.. I don't accept what's being pushed on me. It was not easy to find out what I have been finding out.

I just finished watching another Palestinian movie, "Salt of the Sea".. Palestinians HATE the Palestinian AUTHORITY. The three main charactors in the movie all do everything they can, shows lives shots too of Palestinians climbing over the fence to get into Israel.. they want Israel. They want to be like Israel. These charactors hated the IDF, but they LOVED Israel, one of them moves in with an Israeli woman, the other two try to camp and live there where ever they can. (I had to read subtitles).

Watch Palestinian movies. They may not like the IDF, but they HATE the Palestinian AUTHORITY much much more.

Is that when you want, a Palestinian AUTHORITY?

I have no legal issue w

I have no legal issue w people segregating themselves, but not w my tax money, any other sraye's money, and certai ly not on another people's land. If Israel wants Jews in the awest Bank, then it needs to annex it and make the occupied people equal citizebs of Israel.

I agree

Israel doesn't need our tax money.

Israel's biggest problem is all the people who want to live in Israel. It's not big enough and why they are constantly having to demolish illegal settlements by those who had NO RIGHT to build, but made some BAD DEAL or found what they thought (for some reason or not) empty land. People need to stop moving to Israel and building illegally.

birth control, not sterilized

They were given Depo-Provera which is a 3-month birth control shot by coercion and allegedly threats.

Clearly it was a terrible thing to do but the Health Minister acknowledged it and issued a policy to not renew the prescriptions unless the women knew the ramifications of it. Compare that to any Middle East country where you can rape or honor kill your wife under fairy tale based laws. Or Ethiopia where they practice FGM.

You're a clear example why this forum is terrible. Perpetuate myths, lies and just outright fabrications with no concern about facts.

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You're completely missing the

You're completely missing the point or are perhaps ignorant of what a Torah Jew is.

Religious Jews don't believe in birth control. 'Go forth and multiply' is taken literally.

Not only that

But Israel assured the Etheopiand that they did not have to compete with the Islamic having 8-9-10 children. They were worried that they would be annhilated by the population boom in disputed Palestine territories. AND Miss Israel is Ethiopean descent and she can tell the world ALL about it.. she is proud to be Israeli. She's very beautiful too.

And by WHAT AUTHORITY gave them to right to do this?

"But Israel assured the Etheopiand that they did not have to compete with the Islamic having 8-9-10 children."

Granger. I can now only think of one reason you are on Daily Paul.

thank you.

Self Preservation

It's not like they were aborting babies. They illegally injected women with birth control.

Israel is made up of many cultures who come from many countries, and some countreis are very big, where land is not an issue.

Land is a HUGE issue in Israel. Israel's biggest problem is that so many people are desperate to move there. It's why there are so many illegal settlements, that Israel recognises as illegal. People who come there and make bad deals, or decide "no one" is there, and they work to build a place to live. This creates problems. BIG problems.

The Etheopeans are not blind to the Islamic war to populate the world and win a war by doing so. They are not nieve that where there was a family that was forced off their land after the war, now have dozens of heirs making claims. So Ethiopeans decided to fight fire with fire, they too can have children and populate an area.

But Israel doesn't need to raise an army of people to fight wars. It needs people to understand that until the disputed territories are settled, there is a limit to how many people can come and live in Israel.

None of this is an excuse for what they did to these women.

But the Ethiopeans came to understand, and they agreed, and they get in tune with ISRAEL, and now Miss Israel is Ethiopean, and she is FREE to tour the world and have every nation and all it's people and media talk to her about what Israel did.

If the Ethiopeans are now happy, why aren't you?

People, governments make mistakes. Israel made a HUGE mistake. And yet not one woman went to the UN or would file a complaint. It really pisses off the UN and it's enslavers, for they really hoped that the Ethiopenas would turn on the Israeli government that shot them up with birth control.

If the Israeli Ethiopeans are OK, why aren't you?

Feel free to think whatever you wish about me and why I am on Daily Paul. I am being open about what I am discovering about Israel, and I am coming to the conclusion that Israel is a great government, who admits their mistakes and works to make it right with the people, who stand with their government dispite the wrongs.

The USA should forget giving AID to Israel and take lessons on how to correct the mistakes it makes to Americans.

Government is AUTHORITY. Which would you rather have Israel or disputed Palestine and Islam AUTHORITY. Could you answer that?

For me, I'm still wavering between two points.

Is granger an Honest Disslex person? Or is she a shill of deception. It really doesn't matter if you and I respect the truth and don't see skin pigment or Genealogy as a method to give up our God given rights.

Compare her posts to this.

She could call him a black bastard and it wouldn't change the message he says.

Not saying you would Granger, but you have made a lot of statements elsewhere you don't back up.

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very interesting

thanks for posting
easier to connect a few dots with this

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

Yes it is. And even more interesting is The Granger

DID NOT RESPOND. Just like she didn't respond to EITHER of the Seal Team Six Threads. The threads had a lot of comments but were 'troll' free.

I'm NOT calling Granger a Troll. But Granger surely doesn't post things that are coincident with Christian NOR Constitutional principles. But she does post a lot here.

And she does LOVE Israel? Has she ever googled "Jews against Zionism"?

She seems at best unstable to me. But I'm leaning more to the plant. But I want her to stay here and post, because American was formed on truth and the right to 'hash it out'.

Hashing it out educates.

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Homework? There is way too much of that on this topic.

I listened to the video and here is what I learned:

Modern Israelis are a decension on the native Arabs much like the British colonists were a decension on the native Americans Indians.

Land taken over in both circumstaces occurred due to a British acquisition which ended up being a revolt from the rule of the British Empire in order to establish justice and secure domestic tranquility.

But, according to my take on the video, the Isrealis learned from the American colonists' mistakes and gave equal rights to those whose land they decended upon.


Homework? I agree with you. Who want's a thinking people in a ruled country?

Thank you so much for pointing out the shame and putting it on record to keep the idiots free.

Well miss Granger I commend

Well miss Granger I commend you for holding to your beliefs and defending them against nearly universal opposition. I too am a Zionist, in the narrow sense. But that's not because I think they are angels, but because none of us are angels, and they are doing what they think they have to to survive. The Palestinians deserve the same right, and I feel we should be neutral. And enough is enough with slandering South Africans. They had the right to try to defend their nation too, and their failure to do so has cost them dearly. To use them as the 'standard' for comparison is silly. They were not monsters, and they were frankly never half as extreme as Zionists.


I'm trying to keep your post up. I think it has done a lot to educate people and I praise your results in getting people to share information.

I understand you have been busy with this thread as it has gotten a lot of deserved comments.

This video was posted on another thread

You have been interestingly absent from commenting.

The discussion is interesting and I think you might enjoy it.


Hope to see you there.