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Israel Is Not Apartheid: Proof

I believe one of the big problems on DP concerning Israel, is people are NOT doing their homework. They are not checking the facts but accepting misinformation against Israel.

The liberty movement should study, and LEARN, from Israel, not shun it, not damn it, but learn why we should stand with Israel, and work to become more like Israel.

So, let's begin with the subject of apartheid since many here tell me that, "Israel is Apartheid". That is not true, and here's proof:


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Well base

I'm not a GF fan (he and me had it out over a year ago, I forget what about.. went through an bunch of emails).

I watched the vid, won't be buying Whitehead's book..

To me, this is fearmongering. If I took what they are saying as TRUTH. I would never post on DP, close up my email accounts, get rid of my phone, and become a couch surfer for as long as I could.

As it is.. they already have my DNA, blood, fingerprints, phone email, address.. I'm a sitting duck.. because anyone who is involved with their community, volunteering, paying bills, taxes, going to have any medical work.. which I had that eye operation, and I had dental work.. so the way I see it.. I'm going to live my life, enjoy my life, and do what I can on my committee to empower my local government so we can give the state and feds better things to do than watch us.

I do believe privacy is important, and I do believe we have crossed the line with the Partiot acts and our courts.. GF and Whitehead are not offering solutions.. I think the solution is to get in the GOP, make you committee a liberty committee, and stand up for your rights.

Don't give your social security number out and keep an eye on your bank account so you can report any theft ASAP.

Thank you for sharing. TY for the kind thoughts.

As always, thank you Granger for puting your thoughts

on record here.

I find this comment interesting and completely significant to this thread.

"I'm going to live my life, enjoy my life, and do what I can on my committee to empower my local government so we can give the state and feds better things to do than watch us."

I'm not sure, but don't you live in California?

And I'm also appreciative that you understand that the government power comes from your actions.

But understand that government requires the actions of others as well. And a lot of people are working to restore the rule of law.

Why would I think that you are trying to distract from that?

Once again, thanks for sharing your thoughts on Liberty at Daily Paul.

And one more question. Who has your soul?
When I say I love America, it is referring to the idea. When you Love Israel, what do you really refer to?


I live in Northen CA.

Yep, government actions comes from actions from others as well. What are you doing?

I'm trying to distract from what?

Who has my soul? I adore Jesus, and I feel grateful for the abundant and constant blessings, so I pray that Jesus will have mercy on me and allow me to become part of his eternal choir.

I Love my country and that's why I work at restoring the republic. When I say I love Israel, it's because they value being sovreign, protecting rights of the people, providing freedom for them to build homes and businesses and establishing a government where they can propser, No man made government is perfect, but Israel is not policing and threatening to enslave her citizens with a UN Agenda. I think we have a lot to learn from Israel.

Whether or not Israel practices apartheid,

can we all agree that all foreign aid and military sales to Israel should end as soon as possible? Along with foreign aid and military sales to all other countries?

“With laws shall our land be built up, but with lawlessness laid waste.”
-Njal Thorgeirsson


Israel doesn't need it, they can take care of themselves better than we can.

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So, stop treating them like the white people in America?

According to the stats, they're all pretty poor.

how about we begin with it's creation in 1948.

why was that necessary? why did they get kicked off of it in the first place?
how long ago did that happen? who did the deed? or did they abandon it?

The Roman's created Palestine

We still live under a Roman calendar. Go figure. Do you need me to give you a history of Israel. Let me put it to you this way. NO ONE argues that Islam, which slaughtered the Jews and created the Dispora built Al Qsar Mosque on top of the First Temple of Israel.

Muhammad did not show up until like... 570 AD

long after the Romans got well..... Visigothed.
so, the "chosen" people got conquered? during the dark ages?

and after WWII we righted this wrong? heroically?

I wouldn't say WWII was to "right that wrong"

I would say that the holocast became a huge environmental problem because the Germans were being used by Europe to purge the Jews. The Germans were working overtime, at one point blowing thousands up a day to try to keep up with demade and the supply of bodies.

It became an environmental problem, people were complaining about the smell, just everything.. it was a blood fest, and Germany was getting tired.. WWII bombed Germany to cover up the evidense of everyone involved. And there were still Jews.

So what to do about the Jews? There was no way the world was going to be able to purge them and kill them all off. NO ONE, not even America, wanted them. NO ONE WANTED THEM.

What was the world supposed to do? Stalin had killed millions and had millions in Gulags, babies born in Gulags, and he didn't want to feed them.. China didn't want them.

Where do you put unwanted people?

There wasn't a hell pf a lot going on in Palestine. And Palestine was HUGE.. Jordan is Palestine. Britian occupied Palestine. Turkey was part of Palestine. It was a huge problem.

CA had signs on towns: NO Jews ALLOWED. Beverly Hills was a bean field and why so many wound up there.. no place to put up a NO JEWS sign.

So, I think the Balfore Treaty was one way Europe could continue to purge it's Jewish polulation, though, many of those ships of immigrants never made it to the shore of Israel.. and Britian armed Turks and tribes and it was, "Shoot the Jew". The Jews built Israel as it is with their bare hands (it's why I think if we were half a real liberty movement we could take Detroit, but we don't have the desperation the Jews had).

At this point, I believe the solution is to establish a Palestinian State, and let Israel be Israel. Israel has a lot to trade. We don't need to finance them or their enemies. We need to trade with them. And personally, since they have always fought slavery, I think we should take some tips from them on how to be sovreign and compete.. at the rate we're going, Spanish will be the official language and Sharia Law will be the law, because people are coming here and taking the USA right from underneathe us.

Holy smoke Granger

where do you get all of this from?
Holocaust? What Holocaust? Do you STILL think that the Zionist propaganda about burning 6 million Jews is real? It was a "shock and awe" story to enable the take over of a populated land.
Germany only had 500,000 Jews pre war, where the hell did the other 5 and a half million come from.
Even Jews were questioning the Holocaust before the results of the first forensic were used in a Canadian Court Case. The Leucter Report and subsequent forensics have blown the holocaust myth right out of the water. Not the very real persecution of the European Jews, no one can ever deny that, but the Holocaust is the ultimate horror story.

I know it was real

I believe the 6 million is an underquestimate. I don't think Jews whose families had lived in Europe for hundreds of years, had nice homes, good jobs, good life want to go to Israel. I think the vast majority, Germany 80% were Catholic.. 1/2, 1/4 Jews were taken.. some folks had no idea they were Jewish!!!

Europe purged it's Jewish population, Italy, France, Poland, England, the Balkans, least we forget Gypsys, Slavs, mentally ill..

Holocast absolutely happened.. one of the documentaries I saw, an Israeli soldier was interveiwed, and was asked, Why is Israel so much into weapons (something like that), and he responds, "The holocast would have never happened if we had been armed. We will never forget." Best case for the second Amendment I've ever heard.

It's very difficult to argue against forensics,

but I know you will give it your best shot.

Actually, it is not hard to argue against forensics

Wiki shows you this in the bottom of the page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forensic_science

Least we forget trial like OJ Simpsons, forensics is an art, and why novels enjoy it so much.

Ever ask, what was being bombed in WWII? Crime evidense that connected the countreis that used Hitler to purge their own Jewish populations.

I knew you would give it

your best shot!

there you go getting all technical on me....

I bet the next thing you are going to tell me is that "nazi" means the national socialist German workers party.

I know your type dear.

not fair. I am still in the dark ages.

and then you hit me with

"I would say that the holocast became a huge environmental problem"

before I call in the EPA, I will leave you with this and also admit to typing while.....

Thank you Ciroccco

I've seen all those. You might enjoy watching Hitler's Collaborators. I especially liked the one about the Grand Mufti of Palestine, Anwar Sadat's cousin.

Zionism and the Third Reich

Oops, I posted this in the wrong place below. It was meant to go here.

Zionism and the Third Reich

I like the one

About Prescott Bush

Israel's Stutter

The United States Government and our correspondent in Israel, Thomas Friedman, have been given a bizarre account of how Israel apparently violated its supposed policy against spying on the United States in the United States.

continue reading...


And continue reading how a Globalist for the UN with a Jewish last name betrays Israel and the USA for your enslavement.

Before listening to ANYTHING Dennis has to say, people....

should rightly know a few things about Dennis Prager. Dennis Prager has been a successful radio talk show host, who, like Rush Limbaugh, briefly hosted a television talk show. Not surprising since Prager is charming and, on the surface, like Limbaugh, sounds imminently reasonable. However, during the early 2000s, Prager wrote a series of articles for JEWISH WORLD REVIEW explaining to any visiting Gentiles what defines a "Jew."

1) Prager wrote that Jews are, by and large, the most non-religious people of any members of one of the "Great religions" [my quotation marks]. In fact, Prager wrote, the majority of those self-described Jews were atheists. Prager indicated that being an atheist was "OK," but one could NOT be a "Jew" if one practiced a religion other than Judaism [such as "Jews for Jesus"]

Well, excuse me, but one can hardly argue Jews deserve a piece of land because they were "given it by G_d" if they deny that very G_d's existence(!) This is the very height of chutzpah.

Secondly, even if it were given to them by G_d, it would be because of that covenant they made with G_d; and, by breaking that covenant, the "deal" is null and void. Remember, they "broke the deal" multiple times and were enslaved, as a result.

2) Prager further made the statement that you cannot be a Jew if you are not a Zionist. So, he arrogantly (AND commits heresy)by disenfranchising Orthodox Jews United Against Israel, one of the few groups among Jews that actually practices Judaism(!)

I would no sooner listen to Dennis Prager argue for Zionism than Chuck Schumer for gun control or Anthony Weiner for abstinence. If you want to know the single biggest reason for "anti-semitism," it is the "moral condescension" of any group of people who has one set of rules for themselves and a much more stringent set for everyone else. The British also immediately come to mind, with the United States government following not far behind.

The vid is not an argument for Zionism

The vid is about arpartheid.

I'd say all the wars Israel wins is pretty miraculous. Maybe you want a big one to anhilate Israel of AUTHORITY police state for Palestine or Islam?

I think so many who HATE, bully, charactor assassinate, in the name of AUTHORITY for Palestine, who do NOTHING to help Palestine.. are some of the biggest hypocrites on Earth.

I find Anti-zionism to be the new face of anti-semitcism, it's just as leftest, brutal, and warped.

How can you defend the Palestinian Authority? How can you denfend Islam? How do you forget that ALL of Jordan is PALESTINE. How do you forget PAKISTAN is Palestine and they moved off far more people than Israel, and in the same year? Why give them a free ticket but condemn little Israel, who didn't have to give Gasa and the West bank to the Palestinians; but did.

I find all who attack Israel and never bring up any place els who did FAR WORSE, bigots, HATERS and se;lf deceivers.

You say you are for liberty, but support AUTHORTY over Palestinians because you are against Israel standing up for the freedsom of it's people who won that land, despite British geniside, despite 6 Arab nations ALL FAR MORE powerful with Russia, France and Germany backing, Israel won.

Indeed God LOVES Israel. The excuses you give for not loving Israel are not made with love, but hate.

Israel would not have won ANY wars without outside help.

Israel had her butt handed to her in 1973, threatened "the Samson Option", making the Middle East a nuclear wasteland. Nixon ordered a "nuclear alert" and sent replacement aircraft to Israel over the objections of Secretary of Defense James Schlesinger, a Jew, by the way.

If G_d, indeed loves Israel, he must have more patience than the rest of us, as we are tired of the "Special relationship" that gives Israel our money and more influence than any loyal citizen of the United States over our executive branch and members of Congress.

Not true

After Kissinger, your hero Nixon said, "Let the Israelites bleed". When Golda Mier called Nixon, he heard his mother's voice, and she said, "Help Israel", and he did, and then Kissinger hung Nixon with his tapes. Other than that, Israel has not had help.

Pleanty of Jews HATE Israel and want a global government and enslaving people.

Nixon was no hero of mine. He didn't care about Israel,...

he cared about oil. Israel is a pawn for the West, a "power projection" that cannot be duplicated in the oil producing Arab states because the citizens of those royal puppets would rise up, remove the US puppets and nationalize the oil industry, just as Nassar did in Egypt.

"Israel has not had help." WHAT planet do you live on? http://ifamericansknew.org/stats/cost.html

Meanwhile, you arrogant self-centered "geniuses" have give anti-semites the genocidal opportunity for what they could only previously have dreamed. Israel recently matched New York City in the number of Jews. Now, over 40% of the Jewish population of the WORLD live in two geographic areas less than the size of the "kill radius" of an H-bomb. Given ever increasing hostility toward Israel and her apologists,due to the Israel government's unprovoked attacks on her neighbors, just how long do you think you have before THAT happens?

"In 10 years Israel will cease to exist" Henry Kissinger

I see no one touched your comment...

I will.

You have made one of the most astute observations in this entire thread.

My observations regarding "natural" Israel are viewed through my spiritual understanding.
What most Christians do not understand is that modern-day "Israel" is none other than Edom/Esau.
Esau/Edom is to become completely desolate & a wilderness to never be inhabited.
Most Christians have incorrectly believed that the Palestinians & Muslims are "Esau/Edom".
The truth is that the Edomites were incorporated into modern day Jewery, this happened during the Maccabean war. Edomites were forced to become Jews and participate in Jewish rituals.
The Greek word for Edom is 'Iduema' and an Iduemean became King of Judah...this King was Herod the Great...the very king that sought to kill the Christ child.
Edom today is none other than modern day political Zionism.

There has been much confusion about words like "Zionism", "Israel", "Semite", "Esau".
For Christians, these words always should be interpreted by the Spirit and never through an earthy understanding. Political Zionism has nothing whatsoever to do with HEAVENLY Zion.
Earthy Zionism is of the darkness....it's 'wisdom' is not from above but is from below....it is carnal, corrupted and devilish, its fruit is death.
Heavenly Zion is from above & is a mystical spiritual heavenly people....born from the seed of Christ...and these are the peace-makers....conformed INTO the image of their elder brother Christ Jesus, and their fruit is always LIFE-Giving.

Truly, I have no idea if a H-bomb will fall on Jerusalem and utterly destroy all those who reside there...it is too horrific to even think about.
What would shake the heavens WITHIN most Christians is this very thing happening....b/c most have always believed that "Israel" is that little country over in Palestine and that God favors this little country & would never let anything.happen to it.
Jesus said "The kingdom of Heaven" is within...and does not come with observation...clearly anyone can OBSERVE natural "Israel"...and yet most of Christendom continues to look with their natural eyes, and hear with their natural ears instead of hearing and seeing by the Spirit.

I have compassion for Granger b/c I once held a "love for Israel" (natural, earthy Israel)...my love was based on an incorrect understanding of the scriptures, and sadly I would give a 'free pass' to things the Zionist Gov't would do to Palestinians (thinking they were the 'bad guys' and were of Esau....in my incorrect thinking at the time it was Esau that God hated anyways).
All of these thoughts were based not only on an incorrect understanding of scripture but also a false image of my Heavenly Father. I am deeply thankful for the patience of my Lord, because He gave me the grace to see that I needed to repent of my incorrect understanding and repent of the false image I had of God.
My Father is love....and loves all of His creation, He loves the Palestinians and the Muslims. He loves Jews too.
He hates evil....He hates injustice, greed, murder, war, corruption...He will always stand on the side of the poor, the orphan, the widow, and all those who are being unfairly treated and abused.

All anyone needs to do is ask themselves this question: "Is God pleased with the way the Palestinian people are being treated in Gaza"?
It really is that simple.

His peace to you, Bob-45.

**Here is the link from the Jewish Encyclopedia revealing the deep truth ad to who the REAL modern day Esau is...." **


Jesus is the saviour of the WHOLE WORLD, "As in Adam all die, so too in Christ ALL shall be made alive." (ICor.15:22) All means all. The pagan 'hell' of literal fire & eternal torment is a lie and is SPIRITUAL TERRORISM. http://www.hopebeyondhell.net