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Universal Currency

Scientists have developed a new currency designed to be used by space tourists. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/7029564.stm

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Au, Ag, & Cu

Nature has already developed universal currency, but banksters and governments have perverted it beyond recognition.

The conductor series of metals has historically been used as a reliable and recognizable store of value. Paper certificates were introduced as a convenience, but in themselves were never intended to replace actual money.

Neither the Amero, the Euro, nor the Q.U.I.D. stand a chance against gold, silver, and copper.

Viva Agora!

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It was an attempt at humor

I was trying to be funny. I originally saw this story on Slashdot and thought that DP readers would get a kick out of it. The sad part is that a currency backed by polymer is probably worth more than one backed by paper.

Drain the swamp!