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Activist Adam Kokesh Ordered Held Without Bond In D.C.

Monday - 7/29/2013

WASHINGTON - A D.C. Superior Court judge has ordered a veteran and activist accused of openly carrying a shotgun in D.C.'s Freedom Plaza held without bond.

During a preliminary hearing Monday, an attorney representing Adam Kokesh argued that the stunt -- filmed and posted on YouTube -- was nothing more than political theater.

The judge disagreed, ordering that Kokesh be held until his next court appearance.

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"Judge Patricia Broderick/ of D.C. Superior Court said there was probable cause was found to hold him(sic)."

'The judge, Magistrate Judge Frederick Sullivan, wasn't buying the defenses's arguments and found that there was probable cause that Kokesh violated D.C.'s notoriously strict gun laws. "I consider your client a very dangerous man," Judge Sullivan said. "You don't make a political statement with a gun.""

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This soldier knew the risks going in.

Civil Disobedience is risky business. Even Gandhi got no respect.

Free includes debt-free!

Civil Disobedience

Gandhi won in the end.

Being held w/o bond over this is absurd. They give bond to murderers!

Tricks and treachery are the practice of fools, that don't have brains enough to be honest. - Ben Franklin