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At what point do we stop paying income tax?

The government in its present state can’t sustain itself without the I.R.S., plain and simple.

In 2013 the federal budget was 2.9 trillion but the gov’t managed to spend 3.8 trillion, 25% over budget. The I.R.S. collects approximately 2.5-2.8 trillion a year so this revenue is the primary means of gov’t sustainability.

If we stopped paying income tax there would be no more IRS, TSA, NSA, DHS, DEA, DIA, DOE, ATF, EPA, CIA, FBI, and the list goes on…

So at what point do we stop paying income tax?

When cameras are in our homes? When the dollar collapses?

I’m familiar with the verse “Render under Caesar what is Caesar’s…” from Matthew 22:20-22, but I believe this is one of the most misunderstood verses in the Bible. People often mistake it to mean taxes should be rendered no matter what. I found an article written in 2010 by Jeffrey Barr that dwells with this very topic.


I’m curious to know what you all think.

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FRNs are not money

so stick it to the IRS *big* time, and pay your taxes in those worthless non-money FRNs. I'll bet they're stupid enough to take them.

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Here's what happens.

When you don't file. They file for you. So I am not sure the quotes you provide, but I know firsthand that they force file (unfavorably).

I will research. But regardless, even if you do file, the point was, you don't go to jail for owing the IRS money.

Btw, I am taking your quotes as 100% accurate because I see no reason not to. So let's just say it is extremely unlikely and unprofitable for them to pursue you criminally for such small amounts.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

Yes, very unlikely

that they'll go after you *at all* if the amounts are small.

Even if you're doing something that is on their list of things they can handle in expedited fashion (see the IRS list of things they call "frivolous returns" -- automatic ruling against you, no chance to present your case, no option of appeal, automatic penalty on top of everything else, and potential prison time if they care to make an example of you). For small amounts of money it would cost them more to collect than they would get out of it, so they just make a few examples each year and publicize those.

Wesley Snipes was only convicted of the misdemeanor of failure to file (although the people who got him into were convicted of stronger charges, and will be in prison quite a while longer). For Snipes, the amounts involved were huge, and on top of that he did a number of dumb things that make it look like he was daring the IRS to come after him but mostly it was that the money was big and his name was big, so they made an example of him.

To me none of this is worth risking prison time, even if the risk is low. That's my take on it. Other people who knowingly take that risk are making a different choice. But others see people who have gotten away with it so far and although it seems too good to be true, they do it anyway without knowing what they're risking. At least familiarize yourself with the list of things the IRS has seen so often that they've streamlined the process of bringing the pain, if you piss them off enough.

98% Of Your Federal Income Tax Dollars Goes to Private Hands!

This fact was revealed by the Grace Commission (PPSS) in the Reagan Administration. Not one dime goes to reduce the national debt or run our government. Therefore, Congress must borrow more to pay for its ways to help the people by helping them out of their money. Congress does this by borrowing from the unconstitutional Fed, raising taxes to pay the debt to the owners of the Fed, and raiding the Social Security Fund, which is now missing $4 trillion. Clinton stole $10 billion from the Social Security Fund to bomb Kosovo. That could have given the retired people a nice raise. Those people did not pay into Social Security all their lives to enable Clinton to bomb Kosovo, or to raise the national debt by letting Congress cook the books.

Yep... and the CIA runs drugs to fund their operations...

Iran-Contra / Columbian cocaine smuggling / invention of Crack scandal that happened under Reagan with Bush Sr. as head of CIA, exposed this, originally.

According to National Geographic, 90% of the world's heroin supply has come from Afghanistan since 2001, the year we invaded. The Taliban, as bad as they were, had nearly wiped out heroin / poppy production in that country. The opiate addiction rate in the US has skyrocketed since then, and remains high today.

Pat Tillman, a famous NFL star who gave up fame & fortune for blind patriotism after 9/11, was killed by our own people for attempting to expose this fact. Apparently, this starts on the ground and goes all the way up the chain of command, involving US Senators and even the executive branch. Others in the military have also been killed for the same reason. A Dateline NBC report was done on this a few years back.

As history has shown with the British opium wars with China, addiction can be used as weapon. Apparently, according to Nat. Geo., Iran now has the largest per capita percentage of opiate addicts in the world. The drugs are being smuggled into Iran, from the border region with Afghanistan.

The situation on the border of the US and Mexico, has also been shown to be orchestrated by the CIA. Several cartel members have explained in detail, the relationship between the cartels and the CIA. It is my firm belief, that it was the CIA who orchestrated the prison break of Pablo Guzman.

All of these points can be fact checked.

There's a lot more to it, too...

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

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noriega and the CIA



just another useless tool brought down low,by the lowest

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence



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The time has long since come for that.

Do it in secret as much as you possibly can. Work/earn/purchase under the table.

If anyone, and this goes for anyone, martyrs themselves by outright refusing to the pay the income tax, they have my respect.

I just got a letter from the IRS. I have gotten many over the the last 20 years. They are always hateful, spiteful, threatening things.

This time was different... It was thoughtful, kind, understanding, and removed the "implied" threat by saying immediately "your agreement is still in effect and we understand" etc etc...

Such a dramatic tone change from the past -20- years. I really hope that means that they are losing and people have stopped paying the extortionists.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -