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The Granger: Prediction

Today the sky here on the NW coast was a yellow haze.

I have noticed that when the sky is a yellow haze here, 48 to 72 hours from around now, there are massive tornados in the MW.

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thanks for the observation

People should pay attention to what is going on around them more often!

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Did happen to notice some chemtrails in the sky

on this last beautiful Saturday afternoon and then the next day heard there were massive amounts of rain dumped (8 inches in an hour) in nearby counties.

I upvoted you, Granger - sometimes you make it hard but what's more important is learning about who downvotes you and WHY??

You're a good one here at the DP, keep it up -- it is very much appreciated.

No chemtrails

Hasn't been a overhead flight for days.. could be they are spraying over the pacific and letting in blow in.. but nothing overhead.

Another thing I noticed.. the best mushroom I've ever had, The Prince Mushroom pops up around here in August. Mine came up last month. Today, the nakid ladys are blooming. They usually bloom in November.

When I replaced the trees I took down, I decided to get Blue Aptos redwoods. they are a costal variety grows further south, much further south. The local trees I planted, sustain, but are not growing. The blue aptos are thriving, 24" a year..

So I'm now thinking, local seed, it's not going to work well. The seed bank I have is basically not going to work. I'm going to have to get seed from southern areas.

No yellow haze today.. just gray and no birds.. usually migrant birds start flocking.. the quail are out, but I'm not hearing the sounds I love this time of year..

Been raining

where I live in Kansas for basically 2 days now. Lets up to a sprinkle for a while then back to full on rain. The radar is showing rain across the state of Kansas coming from the west. The sky is a thick grey haze, can't make out a single cloud or where the sun is. Hope my garden doesn't suffer.

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Hmmm...we are experiencing

Hmmm...we are experiencing weird weather patterns here in MN. We are expecting storms here in the next couple days. I sure hope you're wrong.

Smoke .

Smoky Update From Southern Oregon.

Smoke every where in my area. Eyes are burning.

Wildfire update:




We're WAY West of that and the wind is blowing off the ocean due East.

Neighbor pointed out there's not many birds today.. true, and we have alot of predators.. plenty of new born deer too,, and a porkypine. Lots of honey bees, BTW,, I saw three varieties today.

Do you suspect WM?

Granted, your observation is just an observation. But do you specifically feel like there is a 2+2=4 with WM, colored haze, and later weather effects?

Started noticing a couple of years ago

What is WM? Weather Manipulation? I used to.. now I don't think so. I think it's where I live, I see the jet stream hitting exceptionally high altitudes of haze that collects over the Sierra.. and perpetually sucks energy from the West while the jet stream marches East, slams and collects haze along the Colorado and Mississippi rivers, Minisotas/ Wisconsin lakes.. like a pin ball machine with snowballs (snowballs being high cold energy that hits hot low energy).

It's such a weird surreal yellow.. couple days later I would read about terrible tornados.. weird yellow = massive tornados..

So today when I saw that weird yellow, unmistakable, strong weird yellow.. I told myself.. post it on DP.. make a mark.. maybe that will break the link?

Hopefully I am wrong, otherwise seems around Wednesday OK area may have massive tornados. I pray that is WRONG!

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Boy I hope you're wrong...

Boy I hope you're wrong... I'm in Chickasha (40 miles southwest of OKC).

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Yea, But Did You See Any Pink Elephants?

When you do be sure to let us know Granger.

That's besides the point

I got these cute little Japanese solar powered pink elephants in my windows that wag their ears all day long. "Horton Hears a Who", is one of my favorite books BTW

Just tried..

looking at the radar on weather.com for the midwest and it says pictures cannot be displayed.

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Duly noted

Let's check back Thursday.

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Well it's thursday

Looks like it was just smoke... good to know my prediciton didn't pan out.