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I want out: Business Ideas Welcome

Well friends, I've got the itch but no juice. All desire but no purpose. So I've turned to you, the smartest and most creative collective of individuals ever somewhat assembled on the Internet.

I need ideas for a business that will start generating almost instant cash. It needs to be up and running for a minimal capital investment and launched in the next few months. And the cash has to cover costs and pay me a livable wage. I don't want debt.

The only lousy idea I can think of is taxi. Sitting in a piece of hot steal, waiting at the train station for some diseased commuter to sniffle in my breathing space. To top it all off, the licensing for this awful existence is expensive and difficult to obtain. Choosing to live a meaningless and miserable life on the local roads? You're going to have to pay thousands up front and make it all back, two dollar tip by two dollar tip...

People always say that you should do something you love, so I started looking into boats and a captains license to run fishing charters. But that is a lot of capital up front and the winter is coming in NJ. I also like music, but a recording studio seems like a tough thing to keep open these days, especially with the rise of home recording.

Any good ideas? What would you do?

I'm not good with computers, but I can sell anything if I believe in a product.

Ideas that I don't like
Dog grooming
Professional organizer (screw you and your unnessecariness)

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I think you should PM me

For some reason I've helped people found like....at least a dozen "micro businesses". I usually got an idea two sitting on the shelf and fresh ideas weekly.

Go ahead and PM me. Can't hurt.

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Bump for

More creative ideas.

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business Ideas

Start Cutting yards, Instant Cash. Just take your existing mower/weed eater and go to work, get cash the same day. If you cut 3 yards per day at $40/yard, that is $600/week = to about $950 gross so Almost $50k/year. If you get 50 yards to take care of then you will need to hire some folks. Then what do you do in winter time? You have 2-3 months to figure that out.

The only people that get to do what they really love are the 1%. The rest of us just tolerate it or enjoy a challenge or like to see a job accomplished.

Start a staffing company

Lots of unemployed folks.

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these are the best threads...

and proof of why our movement is so much more awesome.

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I sell on ebay some. I can make about $500 or so a month if I put a little energy into it. I buy mostly from yard sales. This is instant money to help when things are bad.

My sister does reupholstry which is really good money. Funny how that is doing well in a poor economy.

Great ideas down below.

Food Truck

They're all the rage but not sure what the permits are like to obtain in NJ. You Can get a refurbished Food Truck for around $30k (about the cost of a decent new car) and you begin to make instant cash and are not fixed to one location. I would like to do that one day myself. I figured that with the right/cool menu and steady business I could pay the Truck off in about 10-12 months and it's just profits after that.

You don't need to be a master chef, just creative. You could take a food you really love and do your own twists. Think of something with low overhead costs at first and then you can expand the menu later on.

Team up with someone that likes to cook, if you're not too confident yet, and learn from them at the same time. I watch that show 'Eat Street' and there are so many stories of people quitting their day jobs with no cooking experience and they get into the Food Truck business and are thriving and most importantly they're working for themselves.

One more thing: Marketing. All you really need is a Twitter account so people can know where you are and perhaps what your specials for that day are. That's it. No money spent there at all. Forget Facebook. It's not worth the time and people are using Twitter more and more too.

Good Luck!

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The taxi business and the algae biofuel business sounds like a win win to me.

Below a forum member posted this:


So you make your own fuel and does that make your taxi service competitive compared to those who buy high priced fuel?


email me though my contact.

$10 plus $120 of product to start. Sell $1500 to qualify for the following month.

Exceptional product. I have used it for 4 months. I have four customers who are astonished at the results.

Free includes debt-free!

Your time frame of the next few months

would work for a position with Community Assistance Program. This program is a real "brick and Mortar" business in which you distribute FREE Prescription Drug Discount Cards. You build residual income on the prescriptions that are processed using your cards.


You said you could sell anything... well it isn't hard to "sell" free discount cards, but you need to be a bit of a self starter. Your day to day work would be visiting local clinics, agencies, hospitals, and organizations to arrange to have the cards distributed to clients and members.

* Win-Win: Help people save money while you earn money!
* You give out free cards that save consumer 55% Average on
uncovered prescription costs.
* You earn based on prescription purchases, which grow over time, as
you continue to distribute the cards.
* Low startup cost ($79.95) and that includes training materials and
7500 cards to start.
* Every filled prescription using the cards earns you $0.75.
* Parent Company is National Business Builders, Inc.
* NBBI is A+ rated by the National Better Business Bureau (BBB).
* You work your own hours.
* No major capital outlay.
* Company perks, like dental, free cards, etc. as your biz grows.
* You meet healcare, agency and personel workers, give them cards
to distribute, you stay in contact and keep supplying cards as
needed. Your income grows over time, depending on your output.

When I started I got my cards within about 10 days. Training materials and such took about a week to get. There are online trainings, Weekly and Monthly Web/Confrerence calls, the back office has materials for duplication and such.

You can also build a team by sponsoring, and receive $.20 on each prescription fulfilled by your sponsored representatives. So if you like the idea of "Building a Business", this is no MLM, but they do let you sponsor and grow your own team.

Prescription payments flow through an outside processor and come over a time frame of a couple of months (60 days). So this fits your time frame requirement.

Depending on whatever else strikes your fancy in a business, this can be done part time and build over the longer period if you feel something else will fit your "immediate cash flow" needs.

I use Google and WebMD to generate leads for my business every week.


The website can explain it all and give more detail. Enjoy!

so, how legit is the card?

so, how legit is the card? Are you receiving the stated savings when you use it personally?

How successful has this business been for you? It looks interesting.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

The Card is Legit

But there are those that benefit more than others. For instance, I have good insurance and the card does not do much for me. Insurance is one form of reimbursement... the discount card is another. Previous to using my own card (which pays me) I used a Walgreens discount card, which I paid $20 a year to enroll in!

This card benefits those without insurance the most, and is always useful for ANYONE for medications not covered by your insurance. It is good on ANY FDA Approved (prescription) medication. At the link provided is a website where you can lookup a drug, and compare prices and discounts from pharmacies in your area. Give it a run!

The card has NO EXPIRATION, NO REGISTRATION, Can be shared. Usually your pharmacy will "put the card on file" for you and you don't have to show it, but I make sure I do every time.

Since our monetary system is slowly imploding, and since the "Financial Crisis", many have lost jobs, lost insurance. This card helps. No insurance? Save 55% on average (up to 80% on generics).
Seniors in the "Doughnut hole"? Savings help here too. An exotic drug not covered by your "plan"? Bingo!


Heck, you can go to the site and PRINT OUT one of my cards and take it to your local pharmacy and ask them.

thought I'd give an

thought I'd give an update...

My wife had to get a prescription filled this week so she took 5 discount cards she printed out off the internet into the pharmacy...yours was one of them. It was a $40 prescription. The biggest discount was like $3. Your card, she said...only had a discount of .07. LOL

Sorry man...gave it a shot.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

One more nice feature...

There is no territory limitation. The entire USA is suitable for this work. If I travel, I can hand out cards, pay visits to facilities to expand my business, and write the whole thing off as a business expense!

I'll print it and put it to

I'll print it and put it to the test.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

Do you have a garage or any storage room?

If so, grow algae and sell it to the Federal/Local governments at $2 a gallon. They save thousands a MONTH, plus, production costs (I've heard, not experienced) are very, very low.


There's a 14 year old doing the same thing.

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First find the NEED, then

First find the NEED, then fill it.

Yes, even better, find a 'Niche Need'

You can utilize Wordtracker.com to find niche markets that people are searching for on Google/Yahoo which have low bid costs on Pay-Per-Click advertising. Don't spend money on advertising, simply identify an easy market to get high organic search engine rankings.

Fill the niche market need with a product.

Use a Volusion.com online store to set it up; like $15/month.

Find a company that will Drop Ship the product(s) for you. No upfront cost on inventory and don't have to manage shipping fulfillment.

You can have this operational in 5 business days if you put in a few hours a day to get setup.

Overall cost could be VERY cheap for everything you need.



Watch this dry yet astonishing Dr. Robert Beck cancer treatment lecture on Google Video - search "Suppressed Medical Discovery" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkiX0jJJozk

Having problem finding dropshipper with *real* wholesale prices

There are companies who advertise they are dropshippers but really are middlemen companies reselling at the same price you see same products listed on ebay! Tried Doba's free trial offer, put up about 5 - 10 products on ebay and NOTHING sold. I know its a bad market, the middle class is struggling, but how the heck are some of these ebay sellers getting high sales numbers?

I've looked at some manufacturer companies on Alibaba which have chinese companies but to get a good wholesale price you have to order 2000 minimum order or more as an example, so they don't dropship for you. I don't have the money for bulk purchases or want to rent storage space.

I see these ebay sellers with products being dropshipped from China - I need to know where to find them too.

Would appreciate any help.

RP R3VOLution

Finding the need was

Finding the need was literally the entire course at USC in Entrepreneurship 101. If there is no need, you have no business. Also, finding the need first helps dramatically reduce start-up costs as you have proven.


Its starting to trend. In the face of the NWO you can better your health and other people's health while making money!

Ron brought the Liberty movement together, Rand is expanding the crap out of it! :)

willing to relocate?

I am starting a business very soon and need real talent that can promote the living hell out of my business. PM me or text 614-649-thirty6 thirty7

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

Start a Bank

Loan (Print) money to the federal government.

Take the payments and buy real stuff.

Seriously, prepare for a lot of hard work and focus. Most trades (fence builders, tiing, plumbing, carpentry, AC repair, remodeling, home repair, etc) in my area are swamped if they are good.

Learn one, stick to it. Keep your word. Do a good job. Be honorable.

I have a friend that has had an AC business for 35 years. He has millions now. Still works 60-70 hours a week. This economy scares the heck out of him.

What are the Medical Marijuana laws

where you live??

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was my first idea to post...

LOL, it's a cash making machine for sure!! Especially if you're capable of producing the product yourself. But it's also has inherent risk... gotta have good security measures.

I Just Started In One...

...that returned half of the $1300 investment in the first two weeks. It's like a franchise, but the main reason I got into it is because the product is healing people, including me. Work from home, training and solid company but you're independent. Perfect business model for someone who wants out but doesn't want poverty. I'm thrilled with it and happy to help anyone un-couple from the rat race. E-mail is postingpeace@gmail.com


Just read what happened to you last month. I can see why you might be ready to make a change. What a story, and what a great attitude about it. Your fiance is probably pretty grateful now too. You two could have some fun working together on this gig.

I almost forgot to mention that they actually give you 30 days and if you don't think it's a fit, you get the initial investment back. Nothing to lose, really.

Awesome! This is my kind of thread!

I recently started a small business for $26, another for a less than $1000 (site still under construction), resigned from corporate America, and I offer the following tips, for what they're worth, to help you make your decision.

1. Do what you know, if it happens to be what you love, even better!
2. You don't have to make a lot of money from one place, you can make a little bit of money from a lot of places.
3. If it sounds too good to be true, it generally is, but don't be afraid to go against what everyone else advises if you have goals and plans to achieve them and you believe in those goals and plans.
4. There is no easy answer or magic pill. When you own your business(s), you will work twice as hard and twice as long. Don't expect a quick payback.
5. Downsize your life...dramatically. Cut your expenses down to the bare bone.
6. Help people, for they will come back to help you.
7. Plan on 15 years of hard work to become financially "rich", but wealth comes in various forms...money is just one, freedom, peace, and happiness are others.
8. Have a plan, and a small nest egg, and a back-up plan. Don't be afraid to take up another job if you need to make ends meet. Don't let your pride get in the way!
9. Being wrong is erroneously associate with failure, when in fact, to be proven wrong should be celebrated. For it is elevating someone to a new level of understanding...furthering awareness. Don't be afraid to make mistakes or bad decisions. Just make sure to realize it quick and learn from them so you don't make them again! Failing makes us better people.
10. Have a support network of family and friends.
11. Don't pull too much money out of the business to live on while you're trying to grow it! You need to invest back in the business.

Now, here are some of my business ideas, although it would help if you listed your strengths and any special skills. I did many of these things to get through college, though I still managed to rack up tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt. :/

1. Buy a lawn mower, a weedeater, a blower, a couple gas tanks, and about 250 flyers. Start small and local. Go to all your friends and family now who pay for lawncare service. Tell them your story. Sell yourself and your passion for cutting lawns! Have a gimic! Wear a bear suit or a tuxedo or something entertaining! Once you've hit your circle of influence, making sure to ask them about their friends and family, then go door to door in your neighborhood handing out your flyers. You'll build a small customer base quick if you're sincere, reliable, affordable, and decent at cutting grass. I did this.

2. Start a handy man drapery or hardware installation business. Go to all the stores in your city that sell curtains and hardware and try to schmooze the managers or take them to lunch or something to try to get them to recommend you to do their installations if anyone asks. Maybe they'll let you leave some business cards. Hang around drapery sections pretending you're buying curtain rods for a client. Try to get customers to ask you install them! It's a fun game if you're weird like me! I did this too!

Helping people break free is something I want to help others do. But the first thing I need to know is what you're good at and what you're hobbies are. Do you have any major assets like land etc? Where do you want to be in 2 years, 5 years, and 10 years?

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!


You're in NJ? So am I.

If you can sell, I can show you how to make money in an industry you never knew existed. Shoot me an email at m_mitrosky@hotmail.com

I rarely post here, but made an exception to answer your post.

You can always find me over at RonPaulForums though.

A few ideas

Here are some thoughts based on my own trial and error experiences at such things:

(1) Although every business must turn a profit to continue its existence, no company that succeeds in the long run places profit itself as the goal. Profit is market feedback (commentary) telling the company if it succeeding in filling the market need. The purpose for me pointing this out is that you must focus on finding a market need and filling it. If you do this, you will be rewarded with profit. If you fail, you will lose time and money.

(2) Don't ever study success stories, rather you should focus on failure. If simply reading about success could be translated into personal success, we'd all be rich, happy, and successful on our own terms. Study failures. Figure out why companies and individuals failed who were trying the same thing as you would like to try. Plan to avoid the same pitfalls and snags that caused those others to fail.

(3) Be extremely self-critical in your analysis of your own strengths and weaknesses. Determine what your own weaknesses are and build relationships with honorable people who are good at things that you either hate or are bad at. This is really important. Trying to stretch yourself into too many areas and wear too many hats can bring good generalist experience, but also failure since we are each seldom great at everything.

(4) How to determine what to do? Obviously what you are currently doing is not yielding success or happiness or there would be no point to this thread. To make money honestly in the market, you have to serve other people. This requires knowing what they want. What you want and are good at and love also matters. If you can find something that makes you happy and then give it to people who want it and make money doing so, you are all set. Focus first on what you love. Often what you love is something that through sheer passion you can excel at. You'll go the extra mile because it is fun and doesn't feel like 'work' to you. Once you have excellence in something you love, evaluate the market for that and see if there is a way to sell it. If enough people want to 'buy' the good, service, information, etc. that you are selling, you make money.

(5) Don't expand before you are ready and don't spend money you haven't earned. Until you know whether you idea is successful through trial by fire in the marketplace, don't commit too much in terms of time or resources. It is a good idea to do market testing and dabble a bit. You also won't know whether your hobby can become a business without destroying your love for it unless you try it out. Some things that are fun as hobbies become very unpleasant as businesses.

(6) Don't be a victim of success. You should have a contingency business plan in place to handle rapid growth should an enormous fish bite the initial line you toss in the water. Don't lay the resources out until you have the bites, but be ready in case they come. This is mostly about building relationships with others who can help fill demand.

(7) Try to be as organized as possible and have good documentation so you have data you can use to evaluate your specific areas of strength and weakness. You need to be flexible and spot weaknesses in certain areas and not be afraid to reach out to others who can help turn weakness into strength.