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Rand Paul Op Ed: Vouchers & Charter Schools - The Way to Go!

(No mention of home schooling though)

School Choice: Part of the Solution to Our Broken Education System
By Senators Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Tim Scott, Mitch McConnell and Lamar Alexander

One of the most important things we do as a society is educate our kids. Opportunity in education is the gateway to opportunity everywhere else -- in our economy, in our society and in our democracy.

All children, no matter who they are or where they live, deserve an equal chance to develop their skills and intellect. But today in America, too many kids don't get that chance.

We have a system in which politicians and bureaucrats have too much control, parents have too little, and students' needs get lost in the shuffle. Big Government, even at its best, is inherently inefficient, and too easily distracted from core missions by special interests.

Every decision made by bureaucrats in Washington is a decision taken from the people who actually educate -- principals, teachers, and especially parents. And as usual, those most vulnerable to the unintended consequences of bad education policy are those most vulnerable, period -- the poor, the disconnected, and most of all, their children.

Where the current system hasn't worked -- school choice has.


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fireant's picture

I'd be a lot more encouraged if Rand said,

"Get the Federal government out of education!"
Giving tax dollars to private schools will backfire. As soon as significant public funds go to private schools, the same manipulators will step in and demand more and more government control, and the dumbing down will start all over again.

Undo what Wilson did