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Message from Ron Paul: Only a few hours left!

Dear Aaron,

Representative Stickland's "Defend Texas Liberty" Money Bomb is already at $65,000!

But this Money Bomb ends at midnight, so time is running out to meet the $75,000 goal.

The great news is, some very generous supporters have agreed to match EVERY dollar this money bomb raises -- up to $75,000.

So every dollar you can give right now will have DOUBLE the impact.

Will you help push Representative Stickland over the top?

As I told you last week, Representative Stickland's strong record fighting for liberty in Austin is something every Texan can be proud of.

So won't you please give as generously as you can IMMEDIATELY?

For Liberty,

Ron Paul


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Wats with the downvotes?



for Liberty

This young man has my support and I hope you will consider helping his cause for Liberty in Texas. He has done what he promised in the Texas House and will continue to fight for Liberty