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VIDEO: Rand Paul slams Christie for draping himself in ‘the cloak of 9/11 victims’ (Hannity 7/29)

By Will Allen
July 29, 2013 9:58 PM


Senator Rand Paul took some shots at New Jersey governor Chris Christie over foreign policy and civil liberties tonight, continuing the feud between the two prospective 2016 presidential candidates.

Paul went after Christie for recently arguing that the senator should try to explain his non-interventionist foreign policy to the families of 9/11 victims, saying ”it’s really, I think, kind of sad and cheap that he would use the cloak of 9/11 victims and say, ’Oh, I’m the only one who cares about these victims.’ Hogwash!”

“If he cared about protecting this country,” Paul argued on Hannity, “maybe he wouldn’t be in this ‘Gimme gimme gimme, gimme all the money you have in Washington, or don’t have,’ and he’d be a little more fiscally responsive [sic] and know that the way we defend our country, the way we have enough money for national defense, is by being frugal and not by saying ‘Gimme gimme gimme’ all the time.” (Paul also recently described Christie and others’ attitude toward federal storm aid after Hurricane Sandy as “gimme gimme gimme.”)

The Kentucky senator further argued that Christie and his allies “do an injustice to our soldiers” by being “flippant about privacy, flippant about the Fourth Amendment, and flippant about the Bill of Rights.”


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SteveMT's picture

Christie must really want to lose some weight.

However, evisceration is not the best way. Christie should get back in the gym and forget about this way.

Since the Phone hacking scandal broke in the UK

Fox News has changed in my opinion. I don't know if anyone else has noticed it.

I think the neo-cons hung Rupert Murdoch out to dry on that scandal and he's pissed at them for it.

The hosts seem to have more leeway in the topics they cover.

This is the opposite of MSNBC which has clamped down on ALL their hosts. Which is probably why their ratings have been tanking. Firing the guy that made their network, Keith Olbermann was close to stupidest move ever.

Thought of that

and it could be correct. But, for some reason, I'm perceiving a ratings scheme.

FYI, O'Reilly tonight had a segment on...

...Rand, with Twit Hume giving his take on Rand ("He represents isolationism...blah, blah, blah.").

O'Reilly actually somewhat defended Rand, and stated he's trying to book Rand for Tuesday night.

Twit Hume

Beer in my sinuses


Maybe someone here could help and answer this. My dad watches fox news almost religiously, and I noticed that shortly after the 2012 elections he loves Rand Paul. Fox news seems to kind of praise him at the moment.

I warned my dad that the closer we get to 2016, you are more than likely going to see Fox's opinion subtly change toward Rand. One things I warned him about was, they may try to shift and use the term libertarian in a subtle slanderous way. I don't watch Fox at all. Does anybody know if they just started using the term libertarian toward him like Hannity did in this clip? Because their is no doubt in my mind that they used that term as a smear against Ron Paul during election cycle.

Beep beep boop beep... I am a Paulbot... prepare for liberty and prosperity!


I think you're correct. I'm hoping my dad actually rejects Fox when they fully turn on him. I also agree with the "many more like him" statement, because his buddy (also a fox news watcher) is very fond of Rand too.

Beep beep boop beep... I am a Paulbot... prepare for liberty and prosperity!


You dad has been deceived. With false information. Love him but respect the truth as you know it. I know it's tough. But it's what IT is all about.

It's the carrot

and the stick.

+1 for the question

Governor Christie would be wise to walk away

from this buzz saw.

Dr. Paul can eat these tools for lunch.

"Gimme, gimme..." is akin...

...to calling Christie a glutton which, for obvious reasons, is very effective imagery.

Next, Rand should simply go for the kill shot:

"Gov. Christie has a history of being a glutton with federal taxpayer money."

Then just sit back and silently DARE Christie or his backers to call Rand on his veiled references to Christie's girth.

Whether he takes the bait or not, the image of Christie as a slob is conveyed and the damage done.

egapele's picture

Agreed, Christie is the epitome of greed and gluttony.

Obamacare will help pay for those like him to get their bellies stiched tighter to protect their greedy minds from destroying their poor bodies.


presented himself well on the creepy hannity show. some good spark, a good step forward, now if he can keep it up and not take those steps back that make you want to throw up your hands and say wtf.

Next Great Headline

Senator Rand Paul's Response to Greedy Fat Bastard Governor Christie; Gimme, Gimme, Gimme.

"Paul Paul"

I like that

Oh yea, that's good front page material

Rand killing it as usual.

We need to make Chris Christie the "Rudy JulieAnnie" of the 2016 campaign. Back in 2008, Ron Paulers everywhere would hound JulieAnnie everywhere he went.

Very good suggestion!

And it will work even better on Crispie than it did on Gooliani.

Gooliani always tried to ignore the "gestures".

Kristy Crispy loves confrontation! Just a matter of time before he loses his cool and snaps and says something really stoopid.

All the while, Rand is cool, calm and in control.

that's our boy!

way to biotchslap Bobby Bacala!

Stick it to him Rand!

Git'em! Git'em! Git!

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul



Christ how I hate

Christ how I hate sloganeering :/ I get how the mind-dead masses need to chant something, but God.

As much as Rand would be a better prez than any of the other bastards, he's still a looong way from his dad. Yeah, yeah, I'd rather he win than the others, but I just couldn't carry a sign for him and feel like I was supporting a truly "great" man... Not like I could with Dr Ron.