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Foreign Service Surveillance Act Creator Ted Kennedy, Only Senator to kill American ‘non combatant’ on Martha’s Vineyard

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I must admit that I was shocked when I read a recent article in NYTimes / Reuters (posted earlier) that claimed that Roberts had appointed all 11 of the FISA judges over the past decade.
And that all 11 judges were pretty much conservatives [whatever that means]—in fact to be more precise: 86% were conservatives and 50% had been prosecutors and federal officials before their SEVEN year appointment [one of those magical numbers; remember the Old Testament—7 years of Locusts and 7 years of Famine] .
And they all think alike!!
So what are we supposed to make of this fact?
First, I thought this was pretty serious business.
I thought I should discuss the history of FISA. But then I thought better. You readers can look it up in Wikipedia. The Foreign Service Surveillance Act was created by Senator Ted Kennedy [The only Senator who killed an American ‘non combatant’ on Martha’s Vineyard]. The bill was then passed into law by President Jimmy Carter. The rest of the story becomes even more absurd.
After our non-foreign attack by Bush Jr and Cheney on American soil, FISA was amended by the unpatriotic, “Patriot Act” of 2001.
Get the idea? We started to make more surveillance laws for terrorists who never existed and allowing the real culprits—American politicians and their coterie to literally get away with murder.

Now we get to the fact that Roberts whom I do not know and will not impugn his character is literally the CZAR OF SURVEILLANCE.
First we had a DRUG CZAR (how's that working out for us?) and now we have a SURVEILLANCE CZAR a new imperious character by the name of “Roberts” who literally assigns FELLOW TRAVELERS of ideology and thought to monitor our conversations, email traffic, tweets and in the case of Anthony Weiner –his obsession with “Moby Dick” [sorry Melville; but, you are really too hard to read and understand].
Here is what Reuters concluded about Roberts and the Double Secret Probation Court—FISA:


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National Lampoon’s Animal

National Lampoon’s Animal House Reprises in FISA Court’s “Double Secret Probation” All FISA Judges Appointed by “Harvard’s Favorite Son”: John Roberts Jr, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court ----The New JOHN BELUSHI!!