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I just KNOW that the NSA defenders are lying and as a European I have the TRUTH!

Michcele Bachmann, I am sorry, but your "truth" is nothing but a pack of lies! I like you, I respect you, but on this issue I have to agree with Glenn Beck, - you CAN NOT and must never trust what governement representatives are telling you in matters like these.

I have a personal experience, which should wake up all those who believe what the NSA defenders are saying about what NSA are doing or not doing.

Approx. 4 years ago I arrived to Miami, on my way to Scottsdale in Arizona, where I was going to meet with an author of several books. I was interested in having a couple of his books translated into certain European languages. Prior to my trip to meet with him, we did have a few email exchanges, and in my last email to him before leaving Europe I wrote "something" which I had NEVER before written or said to ANYONE in my entire life.

Upon standing in front of the US Immigration officer in his booth, being fingerprinted and taken picture of, - I watched him as he started to stamp my passport and collect my paperwork. Then he stopped, looked at his computer screen for several seconds. I immediately felt like "something was wrong". However, after several seconds reading something on his screen, he turned to me, smiled and said:

"I see here that you are an author. Would you mind telling me what kind of books you write?"

Following this question a lot of things went through my mind in what must have been no more than a couple of seconds. First, my thoughts went back to that last email I sent to the author in Scottsdale just days prior to this. In this email, I wrote as part of my communication to him:

"I am sort of an author myself!"

The truth is, I never EVER have referred to myself as an author before in this particular email. However, since in fact I had written a couple of books in my life on subjects relating to my area of business, in this particular case I thought it of interest to mention this fact.

And as I answered the immigration officer, I politely told him of the subjects of the two books I had written, while at the same time becoming 100% aware of the fact that the man in front of me, in fact had contents of my email on HIS computer screen!!

So, - do not believe that your government does not only have in storage the contents of all or most of your private email communications, but in many cases also in fact are reading those emails!

As for myself, I have since this experience begun to recommend to everyone I discuss the subject with, to NOT use any US based email providers, to try to avoid using Facebook too much and or any of the other big US online communications companies. I have spent MOST of my life being a strong defender of the USA, - but I now find myself in a situation where this is NOT longer possible. A fact which makes me very very sad indeed.

And one more thing: I was listening to Michele Bachmann being interviewed by Glenn Beck a couple of days ago. She then made a very POSITIVE and good point out of the fact that whatever NSA and other US authorities are doing in this areas, - they are NOT doing it to US citizens, - only to foreigners!! Which would be ME and millions of other Europeans I suppose.

To the US government I have the following to say: Ok, do whatever you want to do to YOUR OWN CITIZENS, - but how DARE you do it to ME and my fellow Europeans among so many others!!?

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Oh, They're keeping tabs on us Americans...

If you communicate with anyone outside the U.S. they are and in this digital age, lots of my online friends are from all over the world.

while the NSA is certainly tracking and keeping these records

I seriously doubt that every customs agent has the ability to look up anyone's email as they are entering the country.

Regardless, what the NSA is doing is wrong. But I wouldn't use this example because its just too unbelievable. Perhaps there's a more simple explanation in your case such as your declaration form had something about meeting with an author on it under your reason for visit?

I would probably seriously doubt that too....IF....

I understand you, - I would probably seriously doubt that too, IF it had not been for the fact that EVERY WORD I WROTE in my post was 100% TRUE and CORRECT!

There simply was NOT any other possibility for that, otherwise nice immigration officer, to have a CLUE that could refer to myself as an "author". THAT is what, at the time, was truly chocking to me.

Since my experience back then, and when sharing this story with others in private conversations, I have come across TWO other people who either knew about similar experiences, (one having to do with what an old lady from the UK said to friends in the US in a Yahoo chat room just prior to coming to the US) and another again involving an email.

So my friend, believe what you want, - but considering my facts, and considering that those are the truth, what other possible explanation might you provide for me? Believe me, I would LOVE to have one!

Um, Genius, you wrote two books, but you can't fathom any way

for that customs agent to have any inkling that you were an author other than the contents of that one email?

Hellooooooooooo! McFlyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Perhaps, and just imagine this, humor me here, that maybe, the fact that you actually DID author two books and he had that info just MIGHT be the reason he thought you were an author.

Seriously, take this post down. (the original that is) It is making people who criticize the NSA look like imbeciles.

SURE, - I will humor you, - if at all this is posible?))

The TWO books I wrote, - was ONLY written in my very small country LOCAL language, - and was SELF published for a select group of people only, in one case maximum 6.000 persons. And it was years prior to my experience with the Miami based immigration officer.

However, you did in fact HUMOR me making me feel like one of the more famous authors of the world, - with my books published in the US and well known to US immigration officers!

And for that I say: THANK YOU! ))

Sorry for saying this, - but in my humble opinion, - you are perhaps closer to being an imbecile here than me?))

And finally, should the reason for the immigration officer knowing me as "an author" be those two totally insignificant books, - the power of the NSA to gather information is MORE THAN JUST SCARY!! Then it is all even much worse than I could possibly imagine!

Or, - perhaps you are an NSA agent monitoring what goes on here on DailyPaul.com trying to make my story seem stupid?

Our govt is on a mission to

Our govt is on a mission to make all the peoples of the world hate us. They're doing a pretty good job of it, eh?

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

YES, - and it is truly a very very sad situation the US now.....

YES, - and it is truly av very very sad situation the US now finds itself in with A LOT OF PEOPLE in many, many countries! In fact, it is downright a tragedy!!

I am now and then participating in the exchange of opinions in a few other online websites in my local language here in Europe, (one of them the largest newspaper in the country) and it is almost chocking to see how many people now take a VERY HOSTILE position towards the US compared to only a few years ago. And please note, the newspaper I just mentioned is a right wing newspaper, usually read by people who in the past would be nothing by PRO USA!

Not so anymore! So I say to all of you who live and work in the USA, - PLEASE take this seriously, please do whatever you can to turn "your ship" around before it is too late!