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NH Police Claim Free State Project Is An Active Terror Threat

Police in Concord, New Hampshire have applied for a grant to acquire a $258,000 armored vehicle from the DHS to combat domestic terrorism.

According to their application, they cited "active threats" from domestic "terror" groups like Free State Project and Occupy New Hampshire as the primary reason for requiring this military equipment...


What a joke...in a state whose motto is "Live Free or Die!"

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NH Police Chief: "I need bigger toys to play with."

NH Police Chief: "I need bigger toys to play with." C'mon, don't take it so seriously. In fact, be proud FSP is getting attention. Hey, in my town of 30,000 residents, the chief argued for a police chopper on the basis of al Qaeda threats to the rich folks on all the little islands.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

The Ron Paul Institute

sent out this link on facebook, today:

It was pulled in less than an hour.

Ron Paul Institute link: NH Police Chief: I Need Tanks to Fight

Try this. It works...

Liberty in our lifetime www.freestateproject.org
The NH Liberty Alliance www.nhla.org
The 'Live Free or Die Report' www.nhforliberty.com

FSP's Response

The response for the FSP can be found here:


Liberty in our lifetime www.freestateproject.org
The NH Liberty Alliance www.nhla.org
The 'Live Free or Die Report' www.nhforliberty.com

In my humble opinion

I consider it a true honor, and something I strive for, to be considered a terrorist by tyrants. This is a true badge of honor. The state moto "live free or die" will be put to the test soon enough.

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Let "we the people" apply for grants from the govt

so we can buy arms, ammo and protection from the terrorist that call themselves government. We have evidence that these terrorist have in fact repeatably threatened the use of force and constantly breaking the law.

Concord is a great city

In 2007, the Liberty Forum was hosted in Concord. Along with a ton of Free Staters I went. It was spectacular. Ron Paul spoke for his 2008 run for president .


Local press was there. The keynote speaker was John Stossel.
The next day ron paul was on cnn. VIEW HERE

It is sad that after hosting this wonderful event, the City Manager, Thomas Aspell (taspell@concordnh.gov), on behalf of the city of concord decided to call the freestaters and ron paul supporters terrorists.
Reason magazine linked to Free Press Publications website , which claims to host a copy of the grant:

I sent an email to the City Manager to show him a FreeStater terrorist meeting in Concord.

letter to city manager

Subject: Free State Annual New Hampshire Liberty Forum a Domestic Terror Event?

Dear Mr. Aspell

I am writing you this open letter because in 2007 I had the pleasure of visiting Concord NH for a couple days. I met a couple locals and learned alot. The Free Staters were hosting the annual New Hampshire Liberty Forum in Concord and John Stossel was the Keynote speaker. To see the full program you can go to wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Hampshire_Liberty_Forum#200...)

I was especially excited because Ron Paul was speaking on behalf of his candidacy. It was just a few short months after he blew everyones mind by speaking peace and truth to power so I was anxious to hear him. If your interested in what he said in Concord that year and how the Free Staters greeted his message of peace, you can watch the video on youtube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oUVu2hGmCfs)

Sadly you stated, under signature, as the City Manager of Concord NH that you believe these citizens of New Hampshire, as Free Staters are terrorists. In Section 1, Part B of your application for aid from DHS you stated:

"New Hampshire's experience with terrorism slants towards the domestic type... Groups such as the Sovereign Citizens, Free Staters, and Occupy New Hampshire are active and present daily challenges."

I attach a copy of the grant you filed, courtesy of Free Press Publications (http://fpp.cc/?p=6244#sthash.FbT3Hjfq.TxMnRh1Q.dpbs)

Does this mean you, as a representative of Concord NH, believe the annual New Hampshire Liberty Forum is a domestic terrorism event? What do you believe is John Stossel's role in supporting all this? The event has since moved to Nashua and apparently with good reason.

You owe the citizen of Concord, New Hampshire, and frankly, the United States an apology.

cc'd john stossel and concord monitor, manchester union leader.

Ok, fair is fair DHS

I say we buy some of these and have them fully refurb'd


Our family's journey from the Rocket City to the Redoubt: www.suburbiatosimplicity.com

What makes NH special

Every state is getting these. In NH we are actually fighting them. A number of newspapers have come out against taking the bearcat. A poll of on the Union Leader newspaper has is at 86% of readers think it should be declined. State Reps and a Governor candidate have come out against the militarization of police. When they vote, the place will be filled inside and out of people opposing it.

State Newspaper editorial against the bearcat

Liberty in our lifetime www.freestateproject.org
The NH Liberty Alliance www.nhla.org
The 'Live Free or Die Report' www.nhforliberty.com

Individuals not groups

De humanization is going on. Resist the de humanization.. Free staters must introduce themselves and reach out to every individual on the concord police department. Find and identify the individuals who wrote the grant. Their ranks and positions, they deserve friendly criticism for anti-American beliefs.

I absolutly knew this would eventually come to pass

Thats why I chose instead a leaderless revolt using enlightened disengagement as the primary tactic to starve the beast.

Its working very well so far. Peace of mind. I did consider moving from nice warm Texas to Free State Project at one time. But after seeing and hearing from some of the members I thought better of it.

Good luck free state project. Wonder how much of the local and state politics are controled by the Free State Project here almost 10 years later.


About Texas

Sovereign, How is the liberty movement doing in Texas. I heard John Bush say that Austin and NH are the only good choices for freedom right now.

Liberty in our lifetime www.freestateproject.org
The NH Liberty Alliance www.nhla.org
The 'Live Free or Die Report' www.nhforliberty.com

I can not speak for Texas

But Rick Bilderberg Perry is the inplanted gov in crooked elections. The Crime Family BUsh still walks free in the state. Its a front line Rothschild State. They want to have a N S Road through Texas, A SPANISH Corp TOLL ROAD. So I say this everywhere on this planet the Rothschild crime zio mafia is entrenched with their extreemist supremist gang backing their false debt slavery scam. So Texas does not have the immoral extorted theft called state income tax however the state gangsters extort property owners with a theft called property tax and there is a sales tax. Its a big state I am sure you can find any and every type you like.

The weather in the winter is better than most places and in the summer its hot. People are people where ever you go in this world.


it is hot in Texas?

imagine that. I am practicing "enlightened disengagement" just like you.
I am also a high level cooling specialist and a neighbor.
we should meet someday.



Ron Paul district for over 2 decades.


Legislator is doing good

We had the most liberty candidates in the country run as well as win the the last election. Free Staters were behin the medical marijuana bill that just passed, got alcohol sales time restrictions loosened, legalized nanobreweries, and were able to remove all knife restrictions giving us the most free knife laws in the country.
Free Staters also were involved in cutting the state budget and passing a stand your ground.
We are also have the only group in the country, the NH Liberty Alliance, that reads and grades every bill at state level based on freedom and liberty and grades every legislator based on how they voted for or against liberty.

Liberty in our lifetime www.freestateproject.org
The NH Liberty Alliance www.nhla.org
The 'Live Free or Die Report' www.nhforliberty.com

And now

your being labeled as a terrorist organization by your own state police? What is your answer to that?


Statist Being Statist

I assume the City Manager and Police Chief used some hyperbole in order to get their HSA grant. What Statist doesn't want a so called free tank.
We are fighting the tank issue. See the part of the campaign here https://www.facebook.com/events/206057732886699/?ref=3

The leadership is currently requesting a retraction. We will see where that goes. I am sure their are more plans in the work depending on what happens with that.

Liberty in our lifetime www.freestateproject.org
The NH Liberty Alliance www.nhla.org
The 'Live Free or Die Report' www.nhforliberty.com

I am glad to know FSP is

I am glad to know FSP is having positive effects preserving American values.

Poorly armed and out numbered

Poorly armed and out numbered farmers beat the world's superpower of the British Army by being low key, secretive and under the radar.

The Free State project assumes they are going to flaunt their 'settlement' and beat the most ruthless and powerful government in history?

New Hampshire politicians are using Free State as justification for MORE DHS funding and support.

How wise...

Problem is...

Many police now are brainwashed as to who the enemy is. There has got to be a way to combat the dangerous misinformation that is being spread. A way to educate officers that we are not their enemy.

Ron Paul - Intellectual hero

No Victim

No Crime.

And to be crystal clear: 'society' and 'the government' do NOT count as victims. They are virtual victims, but not actual ones - at best.

Now that makes me

....want to MOVE there.

We can take 'em....

Do it!

What's stopping you. If you can get here for August 12th you can help stop it:)

Liberty in our lifetime www.freestateproject.org
The NH Liberty Alliance www.nhla.org
The 'Live Free or Die Report' www.nhforliberty.com