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Christie and the Pig.

It has been brought to my attention that Governor Christie is secretly posing as a man but is in reality a pig. This information came as a shock to most Poland China and Hampshire relatives. There has been a push to disown this pig by none other than Porky the pig.

When asked what he disliked about Gov. Christie, Porky said, " Dat dat dat man is crazier than a a a settin hen." "He can't even see his feet." Upon hearing this info, Gov. Christie's minion said, " The Governor believes Porky the Pig is really dangerous and should not be taken serious." "He is an isolationist and needs to be run out of town on a rail, or at the very least, cooked on one."

Porky held to his guns and said that he had personal knowledge of the Governor posing for pictures with his close friend Weiner. The Governor said that this may be true but even a fat pig like himself is entitled to a wallow in the mud every now and then.

Porky responded, " Well well we all knew he was a dirty pig, but to brag about it is just plain wrong."

Editors note, Settin hens plan to bring a lawsuit against Governor Christie for eating all the settin hens in N.J. They said there is now a distinct possibility that settin hens will be extinct by the end of this decade due to the fact that Governor Christie has eaten so many.

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Well we got one sympathy

Well we got one sympathy vote. Thank you for your support.