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FL police arrest man having stroke for failing to follow commands. Man spent full day lying on the floor of a cell,

An inmate's death from an untreated stroke has prompted a $1 million settlement and a government investigation.
The Tampa Bay Times reports on the circumstances surrounding Allen Daniel Hicks' last days:

Hicks, 51, was arrested in May 2012 after veering off Interstate 275 in Tampa. He was booked into jail without a medical screening, rambling incoherently and dragging his left leg.
More than a full day passed — during much of which Hicks lay on the floor of his cell or tried to crawl using only his right limbs — before he was taken to Tampa General Hospital and immediately diagnosed with a severe ischemic stroke. He slipped into a coma and died months later.

Police said they arrested Hicks because he failed to follow commands to get out of his vehicle. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/07/29/allen-daniel-hicks-...

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Note they are already deflecting blame away from the cop

They're trying to pin it to the 3rd party company that provides "health services" (de-lousing?) to inmates, as if they had anything to do with not calling in an ambulance for transport of a driver to the hospital following a single-vehicle accident. What was that f**ker thinking to pull the guy out of the car, babbling incoherently and limp on one side of his body, and stuff him in a squad car, instead of calling an ambulance?

That man was murdered by the officers on the scene at the car, it was just slow motion murder that took a day to play out.

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.

Police brutality

Police insanity, brutality and militancy is coming to a head. Time for patriots to start forming their own anonymous vigilance committees of exactly one. It's easy to keep a secret when you don't tell anybody. Reap vengeance (short of murder) against these pigs.

Sovereign citizens have been accused of being "terrorists" because they make life miserable for their enemies, usually being judges and bureaucrats, by manipulating the legal system. The problem is, it's very hard to do that (and get away with it without it being traced back to you). Hopefully the "Anonymous" hackers might release a f**k-that-guy kit akin to a script-kiddie kit, which rather than helping a novice write a virus instead helps a novice wreck the credit and legal reputation of a deserving reprobate.

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.

Acting weird

"Acting weird" seems to be a trigger for cops to get out the tasers and batons and go medieval on people.

It's time for states to pass laws requiring medical attention for anyone acting "weird" with a presumption that "weirdness" is a symptom of a medical problem.

If "weirdness" is due to drunkenness or drug abuse that will show up in a toxicological scan done at the hospital during the course of patient care.

Jail is for people who are OK, not for people acting "weird."

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.

The 4th amendment protects

The 4th amendment protects our right to have unreasonable seizures.

I have a question here

Lets say the man was NOT having a stroke. Why would it STILL be ok to leave someone in a cell for a full day just because they refused to bow down to the emperor's guards?
If you did that to a puppy you would go to jail for animal cruelty - but a person - oh well.

Oh- and 1 million dollars is a joke - after lawyers and taxes they will have just enough to pay for the funeral and the medical bills(I am guessing months in a coma is easily in the 100's of thousands)

AND once again - nobody is fired or arrested on the other end.

Effin great place to live this country is.

I think there were nine people

involved with dragging this poor, sick man into the cell. Four appeared to be the private contracting company that are there to proved medical care. What the Hell!

A man drove his car over the cliff in San Diego yesterday. The police said he was combative and talking crazy. Did any of them think maybe he had a head injury from the crash? Heck no, the first thing they stated was they thought he was drunk.

We need to make an I.Q.

We need to make an I.Q. minimum, not maximum, to be a cop.


We need to de-militarize

We need to de-militarize police departments and teach them how to act like caring human beings again.