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Understanding Medicinal Plants: Their Chemistry and Therapeutic Action

It's finals week for Delysid, which means I am busy studying everything besides the material I'm actually getting tested on.

This week I finally started a book I should have read long ago (and which may interest many in the liberty community)- Understanding Medicinal Plants:Their Chemistry and Therapeutic Action by Bryan Hanson.

Dr. Hanson was one of my Organic Chemistry professors at DePauw University. He taught my first chemistry course as an overwhelmed neophyte and later on I worked with him two semesters as a laboratory teaching assistant.

Those who frequent the DP might recognize me as a vocal critic of the woo beliefs in the natural health movement. This book is common ground, as is not a New Age philosophy book trying to incorporate science, but a biomedical science textbook that explains herbalism.


Dr. Hanson is a fantastic teacher, and I recommend it for everyone interested in herbalism.

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Are you going to be a dentist? Is this for yourself only, or you and your patients?