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The Bernanke Crime Family (pic)

Puts the New York Mafia to shame.

Compliments of Zero Hedge: http://www.zerohedge.com/contributed/2013-07-30/jp-morgan-tr...

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Can we get a list going?

Can we get a list going? From left to right, top to bottom?

1. Milton Friedman
2. Alan Greenspan
3. Ben Bernanke
4. Barry Soetoro
5. Benjamin Netanyahu
14. Dick Fuld
24. Jon Corzine

That's all I recognize. I want a list so I can reproduce it in a bigger size and have it not be a crappy JPEG.

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I may be missing something

I may be missing something about Milton Freidman but I don't think it is nice to group him with these other people. Other than my parents, my first intellectual introduction to freedom was from him so I have warm fuzzy feelings for Milton. He may not be perfect but he does not deserve to be labeled as part of this group.

I agree, Milton Friedman does

I agree, Milton Friedman does not belong on this list. Yes he was not for ending the Federal Reserve, but no one--other than maybe Adam Smith--did more for liberty INTERNATIONALLY than Dr. Friedman. His TV series Free To Choose in 1980 and the resultant book gave countries like Estonia the blueprint for economic freedom in post-USSR states.

We libertarians are wild about principle, I get that. But some of us, including this one guy named Rand Paul, have a twist of compromise ingrained in their principles. That is no reason to say we are related to Bernanke.


will be broken.

More research is the cure.

The role of the Federal

The role of the Federal Reserve Corporation and Globalization in the destruction of the USA should be included in political conversation.

This is my new "Vision Board"

I'll be meditating on manifesting this reality in the very near future :)

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