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Huntington Beach Riots Branded as "Whites Fault"

I'm sorry, but a simple search on youtube and watching the videos, whites are a minority in these videos.

But lets blame the white man.


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Not a racial issue

The problem is the HB tough guy douchebag reputation and the trash that it attracts. It is multi racial trash but plenty of white guys and gals involved.

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."-- Albert Einstein


funny stuff

Oh RonPaul4Prez2016...

you finally posted something worthy!

The article is well written, poignant, and funny. The comments directly to the article are also quite entertaining. Perhaps not everyone here will see it as I do, perhaps you don't either [reading the sparse text of your post associated with the link], but hey, thanks for the link. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Oh god people have a short memories

It used to be called the OP PRO and under that name they had two years of riots in the 80s for no other reason the Huntington police department are the most abusive dicks on the planet. The first riot was caused by the police for brutality on a woman who exposed her breast. Nothing more than people pushing back against the police state.


ha ha

first of all the fight was a staged fun fight, and it was a cut and paste.

In addition, not too many whites, maybe sone "white Hispanics"

Other than that wouldn't call it riots, just some trouble makers.

Everything is white people's

Everything is white people's fault. According to the left, only whites have moral agency for their actions. All of human evil falls on their shoulders, like original sin. It's basically a variant of white supremacism.

this was produced in my hometown...

makes me throw up a little...

Ewwww...how pathetic...their

Ewwww...how pathetic...their self effacing guilt trips are disgusting. Why don't they just go live a homeless life on the street so they can give their job and resources to someone who has less advantage than them?

hehe, did you

hehe, did you see:


one of Ramsey's finest, thanks for pulling it up here