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Glenn Greenwald Tears Into Toobin Over Bradley Manning (VIDEO)

Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald faced off against CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin over the sentencing of ex-Army private Bradley Manning and his acquittal on the charge of "aiding the enemy." Greenwald pushed back on Toobin's assertions that there are ways to expose government secrets without doing what Manning (or for that matter, Edward Snowden) did, charging that Toobin and other people who supposedly love transparency find every excuse they can to attack whistleblowers.

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Hey Einstein...

Glenn Greenwald is also Jewish... Look it up.

Yes, Greenwald is also Jewish....

which is precisely why, despite the good work he's doing, we shouldn't expect him to be revealing to the public exactly who the hidden hand is behind all the NSA spying on Americans, and I'm referring to a poor little wonderful little helpless "nation" of eternal victims in the Middle East who are always persecuted for no reason whatsoever despite the fact that they have never done anything wrong in their history and would never interfere or create trouble in the affairs of any sovereign nations.

I don't understand how Toobin being Jewish is relevant.

He sounded a lot like John McCain, or Lindsey Graham, or Nancy Pelosi, etc. I think your comment says more about you than it does about Toobin.

CNN uses him for his skills

CNN uses him for his skills prolifically. He's a Zionist neo-con all the way.



“The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.” — Albert Camus

I've been cautioned about using the term Zionism ;)

I don't know how to Label IT. But I know EVIL when I see IT.

Which other ism's

have been banned?

Good question.

And those proudly wearing the Zionism label that proclaim the liberty message better get their house in order. Because Truth is about to break the dam of Lies.