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Po’-white Southerner...only in America.

Taki's Magazine
by Jim Goad
July 29, 2013

Only in America can white people organize an event intended to mock poor Southern whites, have black people crying that it’s racist against blacks, and then have white people apologizing to blacks about it.

That’s what happened in the small Arizona town of Queen Creek, whose black population is a hearty and robust one third of one percent. Back in May, as part of Queen Creek High School’s “Spirit Week,” the school sponsored “Redneck Day,” which principal Tom Lindsey claims was intended not to honor, but to satirize, po’-white Southern culture as exemplified in the frighteningly popular A&E reality show Duck Dynasty.

Seriously, someone should write a book about how poor white trash are the only group it isn’t considered culturally insensitive to mock. Not only aren’t such stereotypes discouraged—Hollywood’s masters of reality eagerly applaud and lavishly finance sweepingly negative cultural oversimplifications that in any other ethnic context would be labeled as hate speech.

And then came the backlash. Local black race hustlers were the first to pile on. The Southern Poverty Law Center, which should at least be honest and change its name to The Anti-Southern Rich People’s Law Center, stuck its hate-sniffing beak into the situation. And now the Department of Justice is investigating the school for possible civil-rights violations.

Do you know that the overwhelming majority of white Southerners—well over 90% of them—never owned slaves even at the peak of slavery? Do you know that the term “redneck” dates all the way back to Scotland in the 1640s, when it was used to describe peasants who rebelled against the ruling class? Do you know that its most plausible American derivation is from the 1800s when it was used to describe those impoverished whites who didn’t own slaves nor hire black sharecroppers and instead toiled in the fields and burned their pale necks red under the hot sun?

Full Article Link: http://takimag.com/article/the_spooks_of_hazzard_jim_goad

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I know it's embarrassing

I know it's embarrassing to act like a .. uh, those people but perhaps we should make a list of potentially racially offensive words and/or phrases against whites and every time we hear someone use these words and/or phrases we could do just like the, uh, those people and raise a ruckus. Why is it that the, uh, those people are able to make up racial indignation on a whim and get there way any time they want yet be so blatantly racist themselves?

It is RIDICULOUS. Notice I spelled ridiculous correctly. Even the spelling Nazis can get indignant so why can't whitey?

fireant's picture

Good job on "ridiculous", now work on "there".

"There" is a place; "over there!"
"Their" is something that belongs to "them".
"They're" is short for "they are".
(I'd normally never correct someone's grammar, but since you brought it up :)

Undo what Wilson did


That's why I hate spelling Nazis. I know the use of there, their and they're very well thank you very much. The problem with grammar/spelling Nazis is that they troll around looking for "mistakes" to correct in order to make themselves look smarter like the idiot who told me I should learn to spell "Rediculous". His spelling not mine.

You still don't look any smarter but you are in good company. :-)

fireant's picture

You're making a huge assumption on motivation.

It has exactly zero to do with whether or not I appear smart. It has everything to do with the image we project. And as I stated, I don't normally attempt to correct grammar errors, but the "there" mistake is prolific, and I posted more as a joke than anything.

Undo what Wilson did

You would love our local paper.

We write these posts and responses and we all make mistakes. There is no point in correcting simple mistakes and trying to school people for something written in haste. I know I can be bad but I have seen some that would make you cringe. Some of the titles alone are cringe worthy.

I admittedly have a propensity to rely on spell check and if a word doesn't get red flagged then I usually don't give it another thought. If I had to actually proof what I write I might catch more of my errors or maybe not.

Our local paper on the other hand can be a joke despite being proof read and edited supposedly to eliminate such errors. Yet people still read it and I would venture to say that most don't even notice. How much less do you think the average reader would notice on a forum like this.

I understood you wrote with tongue in cheek. Sorry I responded so seriously. :-)

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I know...

Computers have replaced proof readers, and the contextual errors are laughable.
When I fight the fact we have given up large parts of our brains to electronics, I know it's a losing battle, but it is frightening for our future.
Thanks and peace!

Undo what Wilson did

And only in America can

being a Redneck make you filthy rich...seriously, what gives? the question isn't whether it's racist - The question is what is wrong with the mentality of people today?

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

These rednecks are much smarter than your average American.

They started a company that make duck calls, expanded their product line, created an entertaining hunting show, and then moved to reality TV. These rednecks were rich well before the reality show. On top of that, many of them have college degrees. These rednecks aren't dumb.

This is great... just great.

This is great... just great.

Southern Agrarian

Why ya'll hatin' on Bubba?

Leave Bubba alone.

this makes me so angry

i'm writing a protest message on the back window of my truck.
red and proud.

"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
Ron Paul