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Bradley Manning

Was just thinking about Bradley Manning today, and I just felt sad. With so much going on, the endless amount of controversies, it becomes so easy to get numb to all of this. But then, today, I just took it personal. And I just thought about this 25-year-old kid who just did what he thought was right, and now will face life in prison. It's just sad.

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It really

is sad. I feel you brother. I was quite upset last night and still am.

Playing the Devils advocate here...

...just to make you think, and to invite discussion.
I have no doubt that Bradly Manning was doing the right thing in exposing the atrocities of the illegal war in Iraq...but was he "had" by the wrong people? Was he encouraged to "leak", and then hung out to dry?
I no longer trust Wikileaks, and I wonder if Wikileaks was set up to catch true patriots...thinking that they had a safe haven to go to, that is, in reality a trap. I also wonder if Edward Snowden has been caught in the same web?
Where are the real constitutional lawyers? Where are the people who really defend the whistle blowers?
To me, they seem to be very thin on the ground.