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Greenwald: NSA hearing canceled

Politico reports: This week's informal congressional hearing on the National Security Agency's surveillance program has been canceled, according to The Guardian's Glenn Greenwald, who was expected to testify via satellite.

Democratic congressman Alan Grayson and a bipartisan group of congressman were expected to hear from Greenwald and other critics of the NSA's surveillance practices on Wednesday, according to a Guardian report from last week. The meeting was not meant to be a formal committee hearing, but would take place on the Hill before a dozen members of Congress from both parties.

But Greenwald now tells POLITICO that the hearing has been canceled due to Obama's decision to meet with House Democrats.



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1933-Come-Again just quietly and surely continues its approach

The 1933-Come-Again is just quietly and surely continuing its not-so-inconspicuous approach.

The event on March 23 of the time was especially interesting:


Does anyone think "they" would never think, dare, or try to do alike March 23, 1933, in THIS country?

Think again :


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Congress has received their new marching orders.

The military-industrial complex has spoken, and those new orders are to ignore. The way that Greenwald surgically dismembers the vapid arguments put forward by the MSM will not be repeated in the halls of Congress. Imagine a dozen Congressmen being made fools of by Greenwald in public? That bad exposure will lower their approval rating even more. This cancellation sends a message and that message is Glenn Greenwald is in danger. He should not consider returning to the States anytime soon, and stay vigilant at his present location.

"Let's not talk about it

"Let's not talk about it anymore, maybe the public will lose interest."

Not so sure.

What percentage of the public ever lost any sleep over this matter in the first place? Porn! Beer! Football! That's what turns most folks' crank in this country.

"I need more beer in my

"I need more beer in my tum-tum!"

If it is about Obama

meeting with the Dems, why is the Senate meeting still happening? There are Dems on that committee.


There is something going on in Senate

Senate Judiciary Cmte. Hearing on FISA Surveillance Programs

Also can anyone confirm this? If true, this should be an activism alert:
Debate is scheduled for 9:45 am ET with vote at 10:45 am ET on Rand Paul's amendment to end aid to Egypt...


Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121

Check out http://iroots.org/
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Did they get frightened about having Glen testify?


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That was my first thought!


0bama had no choice, Glen has already warned them

that he "defied them to deny" they can listen to any stored calls, read emails, view web browsing, etc. They're in a little pickle now.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

as far as im concerned, they

as far as im concerned, they should have gone for the more important meeting

Yup, just coincidental that

Yup, just coincidental that Obama needed to meet with the Dems at the very same time that the hearing was scheduled.

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