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Corporation of the City of London: "Secret City"

Hey guys, check out this doc about the shadowy 'Corporation of the City of London', that basically appears to direct the world economy.


Unfortunately it does lean towards the Michael Moore-style, commie, Occupy perspective sometimes but still sheds some light on this interesting subject.

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Nothing new.

Ever since the Guilds were set up in Medieval times there has been a "separate" city.



Obedience to God is resistance to tyrants.

Daily Bell on the City of London

The Daily Bell has stopped publication but remains on line for researchers. Although the NWO wasn't its main focus, I have found it to be the most thorough and factual reporting website on the NWO, its major players, its soldiers, and its implementation.


"Free-Market Analysis: Control of the worlds' single-most important financial center is shifting from London to Brussels. It's important, even if it is not getting a whole lot of ink. It was in London that one of the first central banks – now known as the Bank of England – refined what would eventually become the current system of paper-money creation. The bank was set up to fund ongoing wars of the Crown, and while Britain may have grown slightly less militaristic (debatable), the mechanism itself has turned, lamentably, into a global institution.

"Let us delve a little further. Unlike, say Wall Street, the City of London is just what it appears to be – an actual entity with its own governance, like the Vatican. Here is how Wikipedia describes it: 'The City of London Corporation (legally and formally known as the Corporation of London) is the municipal governing body of the City of London. It exercises control only over the City (the ‘Square Mile', so called for its approximate area), and not over Greater London. It has three main aims: to promote the Business City as the world's leading international financial and business centre; to provide high quality local government services; and to provide a range of additional services for the benefit of London, Londoners and the nation.' "

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