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A simple retort to anyone who says that Snowden or Manning should be jailed

The people who get upset and angry about people like Snowden and Manning and want to see them jailed are people that do not want to face up to the reality that the U.S. government is no longer the "good" guys.

If the government wasn't doing anything wrong there wouldn't be anything to whistle blow them out on.

Manning would of been able to report the U.S. war crimes in Iraq through his chain of command - as it was his duty to do according to the US Military Code and as he tried to do.
Something would of been done to punish any rogue U.S. troops and to stop the mass torture of prisoners by the Iraqi authorities.

Snowden wouldn't of been able to blow the whistle on the fact that the NSA are collecting everything on everyone because the NSA would simply not of been ordered to do it by the government and it would of been stopped if the NSA had tried to spy on everyone through meaningful oversight from Congress.

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During WWII Prescott Bush

During WWII Prescott Bush financially supported the Nazi party and the Bush family is a political dynasty.

Eric Holder sent weapons to narco-terrorists in Mexico and escaped any sort of prosecution.

The Obama administration sent weapons to terrorists in Syria and escaped any sort of prosecution.

If the curruption listed above has not been brought to justice by the supposed checks and balances of our government, who in their right mind as a whistleblower would think that the same channels will bring justice to the issues they are exposing?

We all share this eternally evolving present moment- The past and future only exist as inconsequential mental fabrications.